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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Longing for summer

At the moment i am longing for summer like crazy, i cant even explain it. The warmth, the happiness but also the freedom. This summer however will be quite different from all the previous summers, this summer i need to work, sort of prepare for University, or begin planning for the 'catch up/distance' courses i need to take before i can go to university.

But this summer will also be the year i want to run LOADS of races... infact i just signed up for the 10km Nike run in Stockholm this summer and im waiting until i can register myself for the colour run, midnight run and even the stockholm half marathon. Just a few of the races i want to run this summer, and more if i get a chance :) (Yup, i prefer to spend my money on things like race registrations and workout clothes or shoes than normal clothes :))!

This summer i am also planning a trip to Greece with my sister as well as a guided tour of the west coast of the U.S with my aunt (though that will be more autumn than summer).
   But this summer will also be the year i graduate, and who knows.... there might be a relationship this summer as well?! But im excited and i cant wait... the long dark days dont seem so bad as i have something to look forward to - infact alot of things.
  And i know you should live in the now, and i am. I am enjoying each day as best i can, but sometimes you just need that shiny carrot infront of you and you need to plan your future to keep you going when it gets tough.

Do you have anything you are looking forward to?

I cant wait to be tan again and to wear shorts and a sports bra outside!!!


  1. you dont have to be tan to wear sports bra and shorts,hun! you are perfect the way you are <3

    1. Ohh well I workout in shorts and sports bra at the gym, but I can't wear them outside because it's too cold!!

  2. I just signed up for the color run at the end of January :) Did your shoes get ruined/pain on them when your ran it?

    1. They got paint on them, but you can just wash it out :) enjoy it!! Let me.know how it goes 😊

  3. Hey Izzy! EMERGENCY :D I'm sorry but I need to ask you sth ^^
    Could you recommend the movies for tonight? I trust you!
    Something nice… I loved TFIOS, Girl interrupted… August in Osage County…
    PLEASE <3

    1. Ohh. .. This is hard, I can never think of films to watch myself but here are some of my favourites.

      inception, the holiday, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, Shaw shank redemption, 28 days, all Johnny Depp films, gone girl, Harry potter, pirates of the caribean, shutter island etc etc :) maybe other people have suggestions!

  4. Thank You so much! I can always count on You LOVE

  5. Im gonna run the color run in June!!!! Im sooooo excited!! My friends said they do it with me but even if they don't who cares!! :p

    1. Ohh that's so fun! I loved it last year and can't wait until this year! :) and exactly, you will have fun anyway!

  6. I usually love the winter, snow, hot chocolate, sweaters! This winter though I agree -I keep thinking about warmer days and how nice it will be to walk into work and school instead of having to take the train. Things I'm looking forward to? Applying to grad school and one day having kids after I recover to be a good role model for them.

    1. Winter can be nice and cosy, but this winter it's just grey and rainy and cold.... but also having things to look forward to can be good :)

  7. Where do you get these Quest bars from? I never saw them here in Austria and I really wanna try them.

  8. So much to do for you! I'm a hussler person, too, but I couldn't bear a summer schedule like that. Wish you luck with all of it!

    My sight aims much closer. In the next school period I'll hop on into a course of acting. Acting! Same first letter as alarm! I've always longed on stage and expression like an old man to the casino but there have always been too many acquaintances around - I hate performing for people who know me from other actions! However, this is my last chance to get drama education as a minor, so I have to just take that leap of death right now. There is a tiny, theorethical odd to make me succeed in there at times, after all. Still, I'm elated and paralyzed at the same time.

    You asked and I answered!