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Friday, January 16, 2015

I need snack tips!!!

Ok.... so i have decided to turn to all of my readers for help. I need snack tips. I love food, i love snacking... but i feel like im just eating the same thing all the time, and i love it. Thats why im eating it, but at the same time its a little boring. Its like... i dont know what else to try. Or i mean i do, there are so many types of snacks i can and should try but either 1) the ingredients are too expensive (XD) or 2) i cant find the ingredients in a close by shop.....
   But now i feel i am in need of new snack tips and suggestions.

Can be whatever type of snack, simple, complex, vegan, containing protein powder, need to spend 30 minutes making it, need to leave it over night etc

Please comment!!! And then, when i have gotten some comments and tips i am going to make a post with all of the suggestions (so you can email me as well!) and if you have a blog, then you can 1) comment your snack tip and leave your blog link so i can give you credit for your snack tip or 2) email me with your snack tip and include pictures so i can post them and also your blog link!! (and if you dont have a blog but have some pictures, then email me anyway) (and put 'snack tips' in the subject!)


A very normal, but delicious snack i had today!!!


  1. Hi!
    I´m the same :) My snack everyday is quark mixed with yoghurt on top of fruit. My favorites are now royal gala, fresh mango and banana. And then on top I add pan toasted oats, nuts (cashews and almonds are the best), dried apple, mulberries and gojiberries or raisins.
    Then part of my night snack is rye bread spread half with avocado and half philadelphia cream cheese and then some turkey ham and cucumber on top of that. Delicious! :)

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Meant royal gala apple :D

    2. Also my go-to snack after my main meals if I feel like I still want to eat something is rice cakes with avocado and keso or rice cakes with nut butter and banana slices. I could eat a hundred of these ;)

  2. Well, I'm definitely not a snacker person. I eat dinner almost right after school! But I could suggest the must of my breakfast for your afternoons; have you ever tried plain oatmeal, made of just rolled oats, water and possibly milk? I can't get enough of it - and the only thing I add is a flood of fat, oh yes, oh God yes that combo! You need to give it a shot.


    The cinnamon rolls are great as a snack!!

    And the quinoa salad is amazing!

    Blog :

  4. You can do oatmeal with tons of different toppings like peanut butter, different types of granola, blueberries, strawberries etc and add a little bit of milk to it. Theres also peanut butter with apples or nutella and goat cheese on crisp bread. I went through a phase when I would put yogurt, cheerios, peanut butter, banana, peanuts and some milk in a bowl and would mix it up! It was pretty good and you can substitute some of the ingredients or used flavored yogurt like strawberry or mixed berry for extra flavor. Another favorite of mine is after my family and I make a pizza. We take the left over sauce and cheese and put it on bread and put it in the oven for a few minutes. Sometimes when we don't have sauce I do it with just bread and cheese! haha You can also make a sunday or banana split and add toppings like fruit, sprinkles, whipped cream etc. Or make your own donuts. Im not sure how, but ive seen people do it before. Oh one that's really good that can be cooked or raw is cauliflower! You put your favorite seasonings on it add some butter and mix it into a bowl. Then if you want to cook it you put it on a sheet tray and cook it like normal. Im not sure what spices or for how long though, its my aunts recipe. I had these a lot this past month, hope it helps!! Oh and chocolate covered pretzels!! Yum yum!

  5. I know that you are a chocolate lover so when I crave chocolate I mix oat flour with oatmeal (uncooked) with cacao and Stevia , mix all with water . Mix until a stiff dough and if you want you can add coconut . Put it in the fridge for at least 10 minutes and you can enjoy this healthy snack♥

  6. Another one can be this : Cut a cucumber in slices and with a spoon remove the seeds , then add tuna in the middle and that's all :D.

  7. French toast! Take 2 slices of normal bread or sweet bread like broiche or raison/fruit bread and dip in whisked up egg whites. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sweetener and fry lightly until golden brown. Eat hot with ice cream/yogurt/granola or whatever you like!

  8. I agree with French toast!! There are loads of different ways of making French toast that you could try. I make mine with normal bread and the whole egg (whites and yolk) and fry it and then eat it with either maple syrup or tomato sauce (but not both at the same time haha) :))

  9. Your snack looks soo mouthwatering!! Hmm... Snacks, snacks...You can make tortillas with cheese and tomato :) You take a tortilla and put it on the stove so it fries. Put the cheese and tomato on it, however much you like and then once the back of the tortilla starts browning and the cheese or oatmeal has melted you just fold it in half and you're done!!
    Another one is one I thought of myself, you take yogurt, quark, cottage cheese and add anything you want!! And lots of it!! Honey, jam, cocoa powder, almonds, cashews, berries, oranges, apples, any fruit, seeds etc. About two months ago I got into doing this and I had this phase where thats what I would have for breakfast. The best part is every time you can chose a different combination of things and see what you like most. There are so many different flavours you can get and I like how you can have so much in one :) You can use anything for your base but I like using yogurt :)
    Another one Ive been wanting to try is popcorn with crushed oreos and over it you pour white melted chocolate. I just know it would be an awesome combination!!

  10. 1. apple cut up into "sandwiches"/rounds. spread each slice with peanut butter. spread honey on top. sprinkle with granola, coconut, chocolate chips etc

    2. tortilla chips with melted cheese and salsa

    3. crackers and cheese

    4. smoothies (add a protein such as protein powder, peanut butter, or yogurt/quark)
    --> I love doing chocolate almond milk, chocolate protein powder, frozen cherries, and a banana
    --> almond milk (chocolate or regular), chocolate protein powder or syrup, peanut butter, banana
    --> orange juice, banana, pineapple, peaches, vanilla yogurt/protein powder

    5. cereal, milk, banana, raisins, strawberries

    6. muffin/scone with jelly/jam or peanut butter

    7. bread/bagel/english muffin with cream cheese on top, then honey, then apple slices

    8. trail mix (popcorn/cereal, chocolate, nuts, pretzels

    9. milkshake with ice cream (vanilla/chocolate/mocha fudge), chocolate protein powder, almond milk (any flavor)

    10. pretzels, crackers, veggies and hummus
    --> hummus sandwich with 2 cucumber slices, hummus on each slice, then slice of tomato, piece of basil and make a sandwich with it

    11. black beans, corn, salsa, a can of diced tomatoes (all combined). eat with tortilla chips or wraps

    12. tortilla/wrap with peanut butter/nutella, banana, chocolate chips

  11. My favourit snack is a fruit salad with coconut on it and maybe some ice-cream too.

  12. Owo holy cow these all sound good

  13. Avocado on crispbread <3 rice cakes with honey;
    banana with peanut butter or even better - tortilla with peanut butter and banana;
    smoothies!! so many variations here;
    OMG gotta tell you this one - take a banana, wrap it in folic, cut a vertical line in it and put chocolate pieces in, then put in microwave for around 30sec or until the chocolate has almost complitely melted. and then take it out. heaven <3

  14. one of my recent favourites is toasting raisin bread and putting vanille greek yogurt on it, followed by diced apple cubes (that have been covered in cinnamon and heated in microwave) and then topped with peanut butter :)