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Friday, January 9, 2015

How to study and deal with school stress

I got asked if i could write a post about how i deal with school stress and even how i cope with my long days in school as well as everything else i do. So i thought i would write my personal tips, that work for me, and maybe they will help you!

School stress is something that affects me quite hard and very negatively and finding coping mechanisms is hard because i feel this constant stress inside of me. But here are some tips that help me :

To plan and organize my day.
  I am a planner and that is what works for me. I know what time i do what and then i follow that so that i get everything done that i should. Of course i can be spontaneous and change things, but i find that if i have alot of work to do then i do priortize the work as well as mental and physical rest for myself before friends or family, because i couldnt go out partying or go to the cinema if i know i have to write an essay.

I allow myself rest and to not feel bad or guilty if i didnt do the work i should.
There are some days where it doesnt matter how many cups of coffee i drink, how silent it is in the room or how many colour pens or nice new notepads that i have, i cant get a single sentence out of my head. I cant formulate words or thoughts and reading one article takes an hour because i keep rereading the same thing over and over. And for so long - and i still do it - i can beat myself up over this, think that i am a failure that everythign will go wrong because i didnt study the hours i had planned to do. But instead ive realised that that self punishment and feeling guilty just leads to anxiety and more stress and leads to less productivity. But instead on those days or times its better to decide, you know what... i will jump into bed and watch a film. Yes, i may miss out on a few hours of work today, but in the end i could have sat infront of my computer and not got anything done anyway.
  Instead i might make a to do list or a plan for the next day or do some reading on another topic instead or just some preperation notes.
  By taking the break and not stressing over if i didnt get the work done is much more helpful because the next day i am usually back on track.

However if you struggle with that you get no work done at all and just procrastinate, then you need to be more strict with yourself and force yourself to work maybe do 40 minutes work, 20 minutes rest (or preferably 50/10) and do that for 1-3 hours and you will find yourself working more efficiently when you know you have a break.

Being time efficient:
This is one of my best tips for stress management. Dont waste time... unless you need a break. But far too many teenagers waste time. I mean my friends usually watch films during the long breaks we have whilst i might go to the gym or sit and work on my essay or even reply to emails. I give myself free time in the evenings, but during the day i am productive and i dont waste time. If i have an hours break then i will go and do something productive (though of course there are times when you just need to sit and talk with friends and not think about that essay and deadline looming around the corner).
  But making a plan can be a good idea... each evening i look at my schedule, see how my day looks and when i can do what and how much time i have for something.

Super. Super important. I have made the mistake of writing on an essay that is due in 4 weeks time when i instead have an essay due in 3 days which is only half finished.... so make sure to work on the most important and closest deadline first. Some people find that they have to focus on only one subject for the whole time whilst others, like me prefer to work an hour on one subject and then the next hour i work on another subject etc That works well for me, because i cant sit 3 hours and just write on one history essay.
  Also when i plan my studying hours i decide that say on Saturday from 12-4pm i will work the first two hours on my individual project and after 2 hours i will work on my english essay and then on Sunday i will work 1 hour on my individual project and 2 hours on french and 30 minutes on my swedish presentation.
   ^^Just an example, and then i stick to this unless i feel i am done with something after 60 minutes instead of 90, then i just move onto the next topic.
Having a plan is good :)

Have a good study area.
   I know that i cant study in my room, so i dont even try to do that. Instead i study in school before/after school or during my breaks or i go to the library or sit at the kitchen table and know that that works well for me. Also i know that i can study either in silence or with music playing, but not with people walking around and talking.

Sooo... how to cope with the stress?

Taking breaks. Being kind to myself. Exercising. Getting enough sleep.
  I think the most important way for me to deal with school stress and stress in general is working out. Of course this isnt possible for everyone but also not everyone likes working out, but for me. I know that i can go running or go to the gym and for that one hour i just forget everything that is stressing me and then i have alot of energy after my workout or run, but also this good tiredness (otherwise i am so restlessly that i just sit there shaking my leg and have too much energy to sit still!) so then its easier to sit down for the next few hours and just concentrate as i have gotten rid of my stress and excess energy.
  But also taking breaks and being kind to myself when i feel things are getting too much or i have too much stress. Sometimes all i can do is work in 20 minute intervals and that is ok. making sure i get enough sleep is important as well, because without enough sleep then everything goes down hill. So i prefer to sleep than stay up late and cram for a test because that doesnt work for me.
I have very easy to get caught up in one assignment or test and think that if it goes bad then everything will mess up and i will just fail school and fail life (dramatic? Yeah, a little). But i also have a need for my school work to be perfect which creates more stress. But learning that i can only do my best is helping as it takes away as much pressure.

ALSO Ask for help!! This is very very good. Get someone to help you or talk to a teacher if necessary. You are only human, sometimes life gets in the way and you dont have time to study. Talk to your teacher or a parent or someone who can help you. Maybe you keep failing that maths test? Thats ok, ask for help. Get a tutor, there is nothing shameful with that. Help is good :) Take all advice and help onboard!

I hope that this helps you who are struggling wtih school stress or need help with how to manage studies! These work for me and by following these that is why i can go to school for 7-8 hours each day, workout, spend time with friends and family, study for 1-3 hours each day (and more on weekends) as well as spend 2-4 hours on blogging and emailing each day. (wait.... do the hours even go together?!haha) and also get 6-8hours sleep each day!

How my school bad usually looks
Computer, training shoes, water bottle, shake, school calender, workout clothes (&workout card, lock, perfume, deodorant, change of socks and underwear etc), snacks & then school books/notebooks (if i took them home) in my arms.

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