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Monday, January 12, 2015

How to prevent catching a cold (or get better from a cold quicker!)

Here are my tips to recover from a cold quicker (and how to prevent catching a cold)

Rest. Though generally speaking if you have a runny nose and just feel a little run down, there is no danger to go for a light walk or do some yoga or something. But if you feel congested in your chest, have a very sore throat, fever etc then rest. rest. rest otherwise it can cause problems such as an inflamed heart if you workout and your sick.

C vitamin and lots and lots of fruit.

Drink ALL the water. Water is good and very helpful when your body is fighting bacteria.

Stay warm. Put on fluffy socks, put on a warm jumper, dont dress too lightly especially not in winter. Bring with you a spare pair of socks if its snowing outside.

Drink tea. Lots and lots of tea. Ginger tea is great. (Dont forget hot chocolate.... warm milk can also help soothe your throat!)

Eat ginger... just put ginger on everything... make a fish or chicken dish, add some type of cream sauce or greek yoghurt or creme fraiche so that the garlic doesnt burn your mouth. Or take garlic pills.... it gives you nasty breath, but if you are single then its fine :)

Drink warm lemon water with honey - this works wonders!

Black peppar.... it helps me anyway. And i know i read somewhere that its good for fighting infections and such.

Get fresh air. Even when you are sick and need to spend several days at home. Try get some fresh air... wrap up super warm and go stand outside for 5 minutes - if possible. Breathe in the fresh air, it can help :)

Take a warm bath/shower!!!

Think positive.... yes, it does work wonders :) Of course an infection or cold is all physical, but dont underestimate the power of mental thoughts!!!

And so... how to prevent catching a cold.

Regular exercise, a balanced and healthy diet, lots of water, tea, take vitamins, stay warm, sleep enough, dont stress too much!

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