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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Happiness is contageous

Its Thursday evening here in Sweden but I wish it was Friday evening.... :/ One more day of school tomorrow and i am not looking forward to it, but im not going to think about that now, instead im going to think about what a good day i have had today!!!

This morning for school we had to go to a temple for our religion class where we got to see their practise and then do some interviews, film and ask some questions as we have a video assignment to do. So after our afternoon lessons my friends and I sat and worked 2,5 hours on that video though making videos isnt really our skill! But i think it will turn out ok, so going to continue working on that tomorrow :)

Came home and made myself my favourite snack at the moment... and i have actually tried some of your snack suggestions, ive made french bread, oatmeal with different flavours, overnight oats etc though they havent looked so good so i have avoided taking a picture :)
  My snack today was protein pancakes, greek yoghurt with granola, dark chocolate and walnuts. Followed by some more nuts and seeds  :)

After my snack i decided to go to the shop to get the ingredients for THESE cookies. In Sweden we have this thing called Fredagsmys i.e cosy friday? Basically its what alot of Swedish people have Friday evenings. They buy chips and chocolate and drink and watch a film or something with their friends and family.... but in my philosophy class we have decided to have 'fredagsmys' where everyone brings in something...... so i decided i would bake my delicious cookies and cream cookies. They are SOOO good. Half the batch has already disappeared and ALSO. You have to try the combination of Oreos & cookie dough on top.... I ate 2 or 3 ok 4 of them! So good :):):)

After eating lots of cookies and oreos it was then dinner with my family, somehow i still had room for more, though i must admit. Now im feeling the need to just lie down or take a really cold shower because my body is heating up from all the sugar! If you dont know this about me, whenever i eat too much sugar i start sweating like crazy, feel sick and often need to lie down :( Sometimes i just want to eat like 5+ cookies... why must my body act this way?

Onto other topics... today has been a really good day :) Though on the way home from schoool, feeling hungry and tired as i stayed 2,5 hours after school i was just irritated at everyone!! haha.

Now anyway i need to get ready for tomorrow and starting pack my bag etc :) Once again, having too much to do at once!!


  1. 20% of adolescence and 40-50% of people with cystic fibrosis will get diabetes. I have a friend who has CF and her doctors always tell her to limit her sugar intake to decrease her risk. Maybe you should too.

    1. Izzy is really healthy and if she were at risk for diabetes, i think her doctor would have told her already. :)