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Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday and delicious snacks!

Hello :)
  And first off i want to say, im sorry for all the food posts today, hahaha XD I just felt that i had to post these pictures because according to me... they look and TASTE delicious... even if according to some its 'same old, same old'. Why change a winning concept? :)

School today went well and for our philosophy class we had all decided to bring in snacks... or those who had remembered anyway. So there was popcorn, crisps, rice crispy treats and candy... and we all sat and ate and discussed philosophical things. I actually felt i learnt more during that lesson than any other philosophy lesson!!! And who says no to candy and popcorn and crisps?
Though it was right before lunch so then after eating all that stuff lunch wasnt the most appetizing or tempting thing. A few more hours in school before i got to finish a whole 90 minutes earlier than usual!!!

So then i picked up a package containing raw food bread which i have gotten from . They are all delicious... though i cant really eat the banana one because im allergic :( Its strange, its not like normal crisp bread and not like bread... but its still delicious :)
  My dog was tempted to try some!!!

I then made a snack of pancakes, egg cake with lactose free quark, nuts and some of the chia seed bread.

And now for my night snack im eating some greek yoghurt with raspberries and nuts, an orange and chocolate which my mum has choosen as well as a green tea :)
   Delicious with some  'actual' milk chocolate :) Chocolate with caramel is my favourite :)

What chocolate is YOUR favourite? :)


  1. my favorite chicolate would be white or milk chocolate with coconut flakes or filling <3

  2. PEANUT BUTTER CUPS!!!!!! It took years to decide but I finally did! Although I think ive eaten too many of them because im a little sick of them :( But just in general chocolate is amazing!!

    Last night I had this chocolate ganache bar on top of a thin gram cracker topped with coconut and pecans!!! It was sooooo good!!

    1. I love peanut butter cups... though im not a fan of Reeses, but ive made my own ones and they are delicious :) Which brand do you eat?
      And yummmm!!! sounds amazingly delicious :)

  3. Milka noisette (and Nutella - if you count it as chocolate :D )

    1. Mmmmmm :) Hahaha, not sure if it does, but its delicious and tastes like chocolate so its kind of the same thing :)

  4. Milka with daim <3