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Monday, January 26, 2015

Film watching and cosy Sunday

Hello :):)
Its a new week once again, can imagine that almost a whole month of 2015 has passed? It feels super strange, but i was talking with A the previous day and we talked about how its so easy to just keep longing and waiting for other things in life to happen, instead of enjoying the moments right now. But that is exactly what i am doing right now.... just enjoying life how it is at the moment :)

Yesterday after getting some studying done A picked me up and we headed to his house where we watched the first Hobbit film. Ive tried watching it before, but it never grabbed my attention also the fact that the first film was 2hours 40. But with some chocolate and crisps and drink it didnt feel that long. Was it the best film i have seen? Not really.... im not such a fanatic about Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit but i still think its good to have seen now :) Especially as my friends all love the films!

We then drove to buy dinner which turned out to be baguette with grilled chicken, avocado and cottage cheese. A very summer-y dinner/lunch. But it was yummy!!!!

And then we decided to cuddle down in the sofa again and watch the next Hobbit film which was 3 hours. The second film was action the whole way and as i was getting tired it felt like so much to try to understand and see at once. I cant quite decide if the film was good or bad, hahaha!!!
   Finally when the second Hobbit film was over it was 11.30pm and realising i had school tomorrow and to get up at 6am really didnt feel so tempting. But he drove me home and i was in bed around 12.30am and i got up at 6am so i feel that this will be a long day!!! But it was worth it..... i'll just make sure to sleep early tonight :)

It was a nice and cosy day yesterday, not doing much! Watching films for 5,5 hours.... cant say i have ever done that before. But next weekend i think we're going to watch the third..... see how it ends :)

Have you seen the Hobbit films? What do you think of them?

Now anyway, im going to make myself another coffee, pack my bag and try to look somewhat decent and energetic today :)

New jeans!!!


  1. the new jeans fit you perfectly <3 you look amazing :)

  2. Sounds like you had a very nice Sunday! I'm happy for you! I haven't seen any of the Hobbit movies but I've watched the Lord of the Rings films and also I've read the books. I have to say that at the time I was watching and reading The Lord of the Rings I found it very interesting. But now I wouldn't watch or read them again. They are just too disturbing, gory and harrowing. I probably wouldn't be able to sleep and might have panic attacks as well ;-)
    And once again, you look gorgeous in those jeans!

    1. Thank you so much!!! :) I saw the Lord of the Rings when i was younger and i got really scared of them and havent dared to watch them since... but the Hobbit films werent so bad, but i still have some scary memories about LOTR but i might watch them again as everone says they are good and much better than the Hobbit films!

  3. Hearing these lively things makes me cheer even more! I'm sorry for my absense, it was nothing more serious than a net strike. I have had some insane pre-spring hysteria on my shoulders - new things happening in my mind, all good though, but so strange. Such a snazzy pair of jeans you've got!

    By the way, the other night I had a dream about your blog. You had posted some pictures from a night walk with Daisy. Once you were posting them you noticed - oh dear - a funnily shaped light-thingy in the back. The next day Daisy passed. I'm not sure if it's a good person's action to tell you this but hey, I've been a monster before.

    Now I've got to head to "work" as I have 7 days of posts to skim through.

    1. Ohh thank you! I hate when that happens... but now you have internet again which is good!!
      Hahah, I read your comment when i was in school (But didnt have time to reply) and it made me laugh!! Im hoping it wont come true!! :):)

      Hmmm... wondering what ive posted these past few days now :)