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'Dont let the sadness of your past & the fear of your future ruin the happiness of your present'

My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

I now blog about recovery, my life, veganism and positivity!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Endorsement for WEGO health award

You might remember a few weeks ago i wrote a post (This one) saying that i had been nominated for an "award"....
  Infact 3 different ones now, Best Kept Secret, Health activist Hero and Best in Show blogger.

It means so much to me that its You, my readers who have voted me for those awards (and maybe strangers who dont read my blog as well). Up until the 31st January you can still Endorse i.e vote for a person to win the award. And the 3 people in each category who have the most votes will automatically be in the final place.

It would mean so much to me if you could go to THIS link and click the Endorse button on my page :) But also look at the other nominees, maybe there is someone else you think should have a final place? :)

Im not sure if you can endorse more than once... but please feel free to try :)

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