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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Dont believe everything you see - Reality check.

I thought i would make a quick little reminder post to remind you all to NOT get caught up in what you see online.... or to get stuck comparing yourself with pictures of others. You see a photo where the picture has often been enhanced or fixed in someway, even if its just brightness and colour. They stand and pose in a certain way, there is a certain light and certain angle. They post their BEST picture after maybe 20-50 pictures taken.
  They want to make themselves look good... but remember, most people dont walk around looking like a picture. I mean i can post some photos where i look better than i do in actuality and ofcourse i think i look good in them... i barely look like myself or like i usually look, even if its my body. But its also angles and light, but i think the picture looks good so i post it. And i have a right to do that, but of course... i might not walk around on a daily basis and have a defined stomach. Because i definitely dont. I have stomach rolls and cellulite and stretch marks. My stomach bloats alot and sticks out, thats ok.

Below are some photos where people are brave enough to show the truth and i think it is great!

First picture me.... look at the difference that a different pose can do.

Here is another lovely lady showing the difference that posture and flexing makes.
And another one.

And this photo (SOURCE: X)

(P.s these 3 girls look amazing no matter how they look. And YOU look amazing no matter how you look!)

And also this video below is super good.


  1. Hahaha good post!! And the video is so funny!! :) :3

  2. Such a huge transformation!! So glad there are people who understand this :)

    1. Yes definitely! These 'small' things make a big difference.