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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Copious amounts of tea, wrapping myself in blankets and resting from everything

Opening up Blogger for the second time today..... that is a record low amount for me, as i usually log into my blog several times a day, if i get a chance. But today well, 5 hours of sleep has made an impact on my energy levels. Physically i have lots of energy, so no problem there... i could go running if i wanted to. But my head says no (as well as resting is also VERY important and cant be forgotten!). Absaloutly no mental energy!! So i have pretty much checked out from social media today which feels nice, to not have my phone buzzing every few minutes due to notifications or emails or messages.

So how have i spent my day? With copious amounts of tea, extreme amounts of food (im not even joking, but i decided to just sort of think f**k it today and if i boredom eat or snack lots instead of 'proper' meals, then so be it. Its Sunday, im tired and have a constant tired-hunger, so im just going to eat everything i come across!). And i have wrapped myself in my nightgown and just spent my day in my bed only leaving when im going to put the kettle on to make more tea (this is the english part of me :)) or to get even more to eat!
The rest of my evening will pretty much continue like this :)

Hopefully my updating and what i write about isnt too bad at the moment, even if it feels like i just sort of do loads of babbling!!! XD


  1. I need your opinion on something... what do you think about the whole rage over "sitting is the new smoking"? apparently those who sit more than 7 hours a day are likely to die younger and are more likely to suffer from diseases than those who sit less. Help? I'm kind of confused and concerned about this as I suffered from an ed and wouldn't let myself sit at all because of this mindset that i would gain weight if i did...

    1. That advice is mainly for those that are very sedentary and are overweight... then they might need to think about taking a walk during their lunch break or taking the stairs or going for a 10 minute walk during the evenings.
      But if you are healthy and live a normal life i.e you do something most days like walking at work/school, go food shopping, are in town, walk to the train or bus etc then you arent just sitting all the time and you dont need to stand all the time.
      But also, when you are in recovery thoset types of things dont appply to you.

      I had a huge fear of sitting when i was sick and from 6am to 10pm each day i would barely sit more than 2 minutes in a row and would be stnading for 95% of the time. But you know what... sitting and resting DOESNT make you gain weight. Weight gain and weight loss is about so much more than that... seriously, everyone would be obese if people just gained weight because they sat 85% of the time.
      I mean today, the most i have done is gone up the stairs a few times but others absaloutly no activity and i have eaten like 200% more than normal... and i wont have gained weight just because of that, because there is more to it than that.

      So you need to face that fear of sitting and resting... if you use my search button i have written posts about being scared of sitting and resting.

    2. (Not Izzy, clearly:) If you sit all day everyday for your whole life then of course that isn't good for you. It's perfectly fine to have days where you don't move around alot. Just going for a short walk once a day is so much better than sitting all day. If you excercise regualry then I see no problem in sitting - that just makes sure you fully restituate :) I believe you would start getting a lot of hip/back problems if you sit dangerously much. That would be a type of warning before it gets out of hand, and deadly for that matter. (Take note that I'm speaking on a general basis, kinda not to those who are in ed-recovery). Chill out! I'm sure you are not in risk of any health problems due to sitting - it doesn't sound like it :) Your body needs rest during the day too, not just excercise and physical activity. And when you sit, your body uses the energy you have eaten to keep your body temperature consistant, digesting food (and if you eat alot your digestive system is working harder, which takes more energy than if you ate tiny amounts). Maybe you could ask your doctor or some other proffesional. That way you may calm down a bit. Hearing it from someone you trust, that this is not regarding you :)


    3. opps! Sorry, I wrote that before Izzy answered :/ Then I sent it after she had answered - my bad ;)

    4. Your answer was great and provided great information :)

  2. Many thanks to both of you!! It does calm me down a bit :)