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Friday, January 23, 2015

Commenting on others appearance

At the moment i am feeling a bit overwhelmed.... the article that has been written about me has spread to several newspapers and even been translated to other languages and in newspapers in other countries. Its great that i can help others and reach out to more people.... but it also puts a pressure on me.
   Now im thinking... do i have to change what i write, who i am, how i behave? Will people judge me when i write that i went for a run or show that i ate a sugar free chocolate. I am already being extremely judged and commented on some of the online newspapers where comments of... 'she wasnt that thin' 'she looked better thin' 'i dont see a change' 'she went from one obsession to the other' 'she doesnt look healthy' and then other more positive comments of 'she looks perfect' 'looks much better now' etc as well.
   Ive decided to just not look at the comments because quite honestly, i couldnt care what others think of my body. Whether i looked better with a BMI of 13 or whether people think i have an obsession with exercise. Newspaper articles always make things seem very extreme one article said i run everyday... and no i dont. It would be nice if i did, but no i dont have the time or energy for that. And of course when you read in an article that i spent hours each day exercising, which i did butnow im healthy and still running everyday? Of course that doesnt give off the most healthy and recovered look. But no, i dont run everyday.

Ive gotten an overwhelming amount of emails and questions of interviews and articles and lots and lots of friend requests on FB and i can say right away, that unless i have had contact and talked with you i wont be adding you.
   It feels good that its the weekend so that i have some time to think and such.

If you're knew to my blog then you can read my MYSELF page and get some information about me and my journey. And also my FAQ, where you can find posts about most topics if you need help :)

And with more readers and publicity it also means more opinions and hate... but PLEASE think before you comment something negative about me. Dont judge me before you know me.

But also, this blog is meant to be for positivity, so i prefer if there arent any triggering or negative comments as they will likely be deleted to keep this place positive!!!


  1. Hi Izzy :)

    Please don't let this article change how you blog. Ive been following you for almost a year now and think your blog is perfect the way it is. Yes you may have more followers and more comments for or against you for a little bit, but this article will blow over. There are thousands if not millions of articles published everyday. And all of those people who disagree with you and post negative comments will soon find better things to do with their lives. Like you say time and time again, they don't know you. They don't see everything you eat or do and neither do we. And please don't worry about the emails and friend requests, like I said itll blow over and people will move on to the next big story. Just try and focus on school or something else until then! I hope you have a good rest of your day and start to the weekend! :)

    Hannah :)

  2. Hi!
    It´s kind of terrible how people "attack" you after this article. Which was supposed to be a good inspiring and informative text.
    Just stay yourself and don´t think a minute about others opinions. Keep blogging about what you want and keep eating and exercising the way that is right for you. No one who just reads an article actually knows you, knows what you have been through and how you live your life.
    Stay strong honey <3 Stay you!


  3. Hi, Izzy! It's hard when your life is on display and you have no control over the information... and all the judgement, trust me, my family is in politics, so i know... But you gotta try to read as few comments as possible, cause there always gonna be haters and stupid people and offensive opinions and it can put a strain on you, even if you try not to think bout it... and journalists will never get your story right, just cause they treat it as a "story" not a person's life. Anyway, my heart is with you!!! Don't let it change you))) and don't let it bring you down or doubt yourself!!! you are great, your body is beautiful, you style is cool and unique.... if you need any support, please write))))
    With love,

  4. I know I don't need to tell you this izzy but don't listen to that rubbish. You email so many people and they tell you you're helping. I know you've helped me. The proof is there what your doing is right and as for saying your still obsessive or looked better before I think that's awful as it doesn't help the people your inspiring. We KNOW you were ill and that you've RECOVERED. Don't let them get you down. What you do is so generous and inspiring be proud of yourself, every lovely person gets some hate. I mean look at Martin Luther king xx keep doing what your doing its working.

  5. Some people just don't understand that the difference between your exercise now and your exercise in the past is that now you eat enough so that you can maintain a healthy weight while exercising. In the past you were exercising to lose weight and that combined with not eating was dangerous. These people need to understand that running and exercise are healthy as long as the person is eating enough. It's so frustrating when people judge others and think they know them and what's best for them when they don't even know the person. I'm glad there have been some positive comments on these articles though. You are an amazing person and you've come so far over the years. You have helped so many people and will continue to do so with this blog. Thank you for that :)

  6. Please, don't let other people's comments put you down! You're such an amazing young woman and you have helped so many of us. Some people just don't know the difference between deliberately over-exercising because of the fear of gaining weight and exercising for fun. I look up to you and am very thankful that I found your blog!
    Stay strong!