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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Back to school

It feels weird returning to school on a Thursday. Yesterday it felt like it was Sunday and today (only been awake 45 minutes or so) i keep thinking its Monday. Though only 2 days in school until its the weekend again, thats not so bad :) It gives me time to slowly adjust to the early mornings, though it wasnt so hard this morning. It was just the initial ringing of the alarm where you feel like turning it off, rolling over and sleeping for the rest of the day. But after my third alarm (ive learnt thati like to hit stop instead of snooze so have to put like 5 alarms in the morning, on days where i need to start getting up early!)i was up and ready to go!

A super filling breakfast this morning to give the energy i need:
500g quark, raisins, nuts, blueberries, raspberries, 2 boiled eggs and an energy drink. Full? Yes. Filled with energy? Definitely. The way it should be after breakfast!!!

Now its time to get ready and try to figure out my day! My schedule is wrong so i dont really know which lessons i have today... but i will figure it out when i get to school :)

Are you back in school/work?

Either way... whether you are at home, in hospital, school, work, on holidays have a great day :)
Focus on your healthy goals! And keep fighting.


  1. Good luck on your first day back! let us know how it goes :)))
    studying for exams and going back to school after the weekend... My school goes up until 3:30 in the afternoon plus I do some extracurriculars that can take up to 5:00 pm. Which I enjoy but is makes a day long and tiring. Then I get home and have to do my homework for the next day, which takes me up until dinner time and then after dinner I continue my hw and go to bed. Do you have any tips for getting refreshed and ready to face hw once back from school (that hopefully dont take much time)?
    the way I face the day now is very stressful and I have become much healthier over the holidays (thanks to your blog) and I dont want to compromise my health for stress about school anymore. Any tips would help (I already took a look at the stress and time management posts but I was wondering if you had any personal tips that have helped you).
    Hope you had a great day!!! <3

    1. Thank you :) I wrote a post about stress management and how I'm cope, so hopefully that helps you. Stay strong and stay healthy!

  2. I started school today and I think it feels weird to!