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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

After school hunger

Wednesday and the longest day in school, though the day just flew by and i wasnt too tired!!! Despite the constant snowing and its said to continue with the constant snowing for the next few days my mood and energy levels werent so bad!!
  The lunch time laughter and good mood lead to an increase of positiivity and energy :) Though when we began thinking about in only a few months time we wont be seeing each other everyday and that half of my group of friends are travelling, that put a damper on things :( Im looking forward to graduation, but that also means that my group of friends now will be spreading out around the globe. and im not ready for that :(:(

Anyway, finally my day ended after 4pm and i was ready to go home though everyone was just in the way, so i missed my train and had to wait 10 minutes and i ended up not being home until around 5pm... :( Hate those days and especially when it feels like people are just whirling around in circles and moving in turtle speed and so you end up being late or missing a train etc.... When im tired i get irritated at alot of things. Otherwise i dont really care or mind the other people and how fast/slow they walk or if they decide to just suddenly stop on the stairs!!!

Anyway i hadnt meant to complain on here, instead i wanted to mention that i have answered all my emails apart from 1 or 2, so if you havent gotten a reply then i havent gotten your email! Feels like the first time in a very long time that i have been able to go through my whole inbox. Though i only did this because i really didnt feel like studying.... i knew i should do something productive, but i just didnt want to get school work done.

This evening its going to be a bit of studying because tomorrow i have my big exam.... so will be in school from 9-5pm tomorrow..... but then its just one more day of school and then the weekend.... even if that will mean studying, but still!!! Its good to see the positives :)

Below you see my big after school snack (had eaten lunch at 12 so was super hungry when i came home... and yes, i eat an after noon snack, then dinner later and either dessert and/or a night snack as well!).

Lactose free yoghurt, walnuts, dates, 3 fried eggs, protein pancakes & coffee!

I was too hungry to make it look good!!! XD 

For now i am going to watch an episode of PLL and then study!!!


  1. what is the recipe for the protein pancakes? do you make them yourself or do you buy a protein pancake mix?

    1. I already have a mix.... so i just have to add water :)

  2. I have two exams tomorrow but based on the time mine are shorter :)
    I hate being late for the train -_- but its just to look at the positives!!
    Dont stress too much about the exam!!!