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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

A nightmare of mine

I got asked yesterday in a question what are 5 nightmares of mine? And funnily enough I had an awful nightmare last night..... It might not be super scary for some, but for me... I woke up feeling panicked.

My nightmare was that someone hacked into my computer and 1) could see me through my Web camera (though I always have something covering it just in case! ) and 2) the person was communicating with me by talking which I could hear through the speakers or words that came up on the screen.

I never found out why the person hacked my computer, I tried to tell the person that I don't have anything important and that they aren't going to gain much from my computer. The person then also hacked my phone and my apps on there.
   Slowly all my accounts such as my blog, IG, Facebook,  email all get their emails changed and I see how the things I normally post get changed..... on my blog there suddenly comes up loads of pro ana and triggering things and I can't do anything about it. For some reason I can see what's happening on my computer so I see all the replies to emails that the person sends and they are all really rude and mean, and I sit there panicking thinking. .... what will this person who emailed me think of me now?

And then on my IG lots and advertisements and extreme weird fitness pictures start showing up and all my other photos are deleted.

And also on my Facebook links to blog posts and my old pictures of when I was sick start being posted there. (That for me makes me super uncomfortable as I would prefer to keep my past in the past and not have new people find out about it until I feel comfortable enough to tell them).

But anyway, when I actually woke up this morning I was feeling panicked and first thing I did was check my social media, convinced that the damage had been done and that everything I had posted and worked hard for had been deleted or changed. But to my relief. ..... its all the same. Hahah

-> though my computer is refusing to start and is just stuck in a "loading" phase. ... so I'm a little worried now. But I could at least use my phone to write this and to make sure that nothing was strange on any of my apps!!!

This might not be such an awful thing to some people, but for me personally it is an awful thought. To think of someone changing everything on my social media and destroying things I love.

This does make me want to go change all my passwords now and just have extra double strength and virus protection on my computer to prevent this from happening!!!!

Do you have any weird or strange nightmares?


  1. No it IS SCARY!!!
    Oh my! Glad it was a nightmare!


  2. I always cover my web cam too, because it's very possible that someone can hack it and i feel uncomfortable knowing that xD

  3. Hi Izzy, how do you decide who to talk about your past with? I think is so nice that you can keep your life in the present like that. I feel whenever I tell people it changes the entire dynamic.