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Sunday, January 25, 2015


Hello my lovely readers? :)
   How is everyone doing?!

(I thought i would start with a new intro :) ) Also im interested in knowing how YOUR day went and how YOU are..... i mean all i do is write about myself and what i do/feel..... :)

But to the actual topic..... my date yesterday! And as the title says... i left the house at 4.30pm and i didnt come home until 2am. So you can say it was successful!
First we went for coffee before going to the cinema and watching the imitation game which was a good film!! It wasnt the best film i have ever seen, but it wasnt the worst either. I have seen the Sherlock series so i love Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightly is ok :) It was interesting though as it was based on a true story but the whole event and what happened had been government top secret so it wasnt until a few years ago that it was revealed.... or that was what i understood from the film/text anyway :) I would give the film 3/5 :)

   Then we spent the next 90 minutes or something wondering around Stockholm city trying to find somewhere to eat.... realising that at 9pm on a Saturday is not the best time to expect to just get a table. All the restaurants we passed were full and the waiting list was 30-45 minutes. So we kept wandering and then eventually went back to TGIF and decided to sit in the bar and wait until we got a table.... which we finally did at 10.30pm. We ate dinner talked and then we ordered a SUPER delicious dessert - oreo ice cream cake.

And then when it was almost midnight we went out into the cold and continued wandering the city during the night. It was so empty and quiet (as we were walking in the old part of the city where its not so much nightlife). It was nice just wandering around and talking.
Eventually by 1.30am though i felt how the coldness and the tiredness was starting to take over, so then we headed to the train station and said our goodbyes :):)

Though i think today we're going to go for a walk and watch a film... most probably order a pizza or something as well :)
Its nice!!! :):):)

Anyway, now i need to go out with the dog as she woke me at 8.30 am (after falling asleep at 2.30am) so feeling tired, but she needs to go out..... so im about to do that, then drink coffee and get some work done before i leave :)

Have a lovely day everyone :):)


  1. I'm happy for you that the date went so well! I also met a friend at a café and he helped me with my preparations for the oral exam. It was a lot of fun! I wish you a nice Sunday!

    1. Thank you :) Good luck with your exam! Soon it will be over with!

  2. I'm glad you had fun!!! Your lucky...I'm 16 and I've never even been on a date, or had a boyfriend!!! Oh the single life:) Anyway my days have been good other than that. We are celebrating my dad's birthday today so there will be lots of sweets involved and I am just going to let myself participate and hope I don't have any problems.:)

    1. You will have a boyfriend someday :) I mean im 19 and ive had like one official boyfriend but been on one or two dates with other guys, but its not the same. You are still young and there is no need to rush to have a boyfriend, its easy to feel lonely and think that everyone else is in a relationship but trust me, all the singles feel that way. And some people in relationships want that freedom of being single again.... so dont rush it :) Someone good will step into your life whether its a week from now or 6 months from now or longer.
      I hope you had a good day and could enjoy yourself!

  3. I had a good day yesterday. I went for a walk in the snow, then studied all morning, went out to tea with a friend at a fancy hotel In the afternoon. Then went home and talked to my best friend in New York And made plans to visit her in the spring! Today I'm going to go out to study. First at a little cafe, then a Library. Really want to go clothes shopping, but also shouldn't :) haha...

    1. Sounds like a really nice day!! I love New York, would love to travel there again some day!! I hope you had a nice day today :)