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Thursday, January 1, 2015

5 things i like and 5 things i dont like

Time for a little random list of things i like and dont like :) I have most probably mentioned these before, haha!!

5 things i like/make me happy:

  • When people smile to each other (but not in a creepy way!) for example if im out running i always smile to other runners i pass!!¨
  • At my gym there is this 'false' door to the strength training area and many people try to open the door (its see through) but it doesnt work. And i always find it super funny, not even sure why as i have made that mistake like 3 times in the beginning. -> But here is a little story, once when i was training and i saw someone try to open the door and they couldnt and looked so confused so i started laughing and then the other people in the gym saw me laughing (it wasnt a mean laugh, i was already happy!!) and then a few of those people started laughing at me laughing and suddenly half of us strength training just stood/sat there laughing. haha XD ¨
  • When i get the white chocolate praline in the chocolate box. There is usually only one of them per 'layer' so i am always quick to open the chocolate box so i get the white one :)
  • When someone compliments me :) Its a really nice feeling, especially when its an unexpected compliment. That can light up my whole week, i swear!
  • Getting packages. This is the best thing i know, its like i go back to being 5 years old again! -> I am honestly like this when i get a package!!

5 things i dont like:
  • Rude or mean people.... the worst i know. 
  • I hate when someone is angry or irritated at home because then i feel like its my fault and i end up feeling really guilty and getting anxiety and wanting to fix whatever is going on.
  • I hate when i have 101 things to do and not enough time to do it... or when i have loads of things to do but dont have the energy to do them. This feeling = panic, anxiety.
  • When i forget my earphones... I need earphones with me EVERYWHERE. Just incase. I am a music addict, so having to sit on the tube or walking somewhere and not have music is the worst. Though this is something i need to learn to be ok with as well, haha. Cant always have background music :)
  • When im craving something and dont have it at home and cant/dont want to buy it either.... Yup, cravings are annoying if they cant be satisfied!!!

Soo... can you relate to any of these? What are some things that you like/dont like? :)

1 comment:

  1. Wow! I can relate to almost allof these, especially the package and compliment one, and the 101 things and feeling like its your fault when someone is irritated.
    Some things I love: shopping at Ikea, making people happy, seeing their faces light up :) when I have extra time in the morning to get ready and take my time eating ;) when I can plan my own day and not depend on anyone else
    some things I don't like: when someone sighs very loudly. Wether its to let people know you're frustrated or not I can't always tell, but its still something I really don't like! ~When people are very negative and point out things that are only wrong and nothing good. When someone only criticises. I can accept criticism but if its too much and very harsh, dropped bluntly than I think its rude especially if you feel goo about some thing. Criticism can be very useful but sometimes its simply unnecessary.
    And that gif is super cute and funny!!