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Monday, December 15, 2014

You cant progress and change living with the same routines

This morning i began thinking about how, in life you do need to change. You need to change habits you have and routines you follow. When oyu go on holiday you need to chnage those things as you are in a different place and you cant do everything you usually do, and thats ok. But then you also need to change if you for example get a new job, or find a partner or decide to move in with someone else, or even move house/location/country.... all those things require you to change somewhat so that you can grow and change. If you are someone who doesnt wake up until 10 or 11 am every morning  and then spends an hour watching the TV then it might be hard to get a morning job - if thats what you want? maybe not, But just an example.... that you need to change routines. Or if you are someone who refuses to leave the house after 6pm or wont go out to eat or has to do 100 sit ups each evening before bed..... then it might be hard to spend time with a new partner because you are too stuck in those routines.

Its good to learn to do things differently, to change and to grow.

I was thinking about how for just 1,5-2 years ago i really wouldnt have been able to have a boyfriend. I wanted one, i really did but at the same time I knew i wasnt ready. I had too many routines i was stuck with and couldnt change. But travelling and doing things spontaneously is a good way to get rid of those compulsive routines and habits you cant change.

Something which you can think about as well is.... do you want your life to look like this in 10 years time? To be exactly how it is now, because you have been too scared to change. Too scared to fight your ED and break your habits and face your fears? Because the truth is... if you dont face your fears and fight your ED, then you wont change.... because no one else can do the hardwork for you.

You dont need to completely change yourself or to be someone different, however i am sure you are aware yourself of the things holding you back..... holding you back from truly living your life and able to fully grow and develop and change with time.

Nothing is guaranteed in life, so you need to take the chances you get!

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  1. My OCD and having routines & habits that are so restrictive, stop me from doing so much. I know that if I don't change and adapt to different times, routines, plans and new things (i.e. food), then my recovery will take longer.

    Thanks for such an honest post! Xx