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Sunday, December 21, 2014

What motivates me

I thought i would show you some things that motivate me within exercise... if you want i can make a post about what motivates me with life... or those days when i just dont want to get out of bed.
TRIGGER WARNING on this post... just incase you find exercise triggering :) So skip this post if you do.

Anyway, when it comes to exercise i am motivated 99% of the time. I do the exercise form i enjoy so its never a burdon to me.If i dont want to run, i dont.If i dont want to go to the gym i dont. If i dont want to do a core workout for 3 weeks, then i dont. If i dont want to exercise at all then i dont. If i want to both run and go to the gym, then i do... so thats the simplicity of it for me. I dont need motivation to exercise. Though when it comes to goals within exercise.. i never really set up goals either, though actually goals can be very helpful. I think most people need goals in life... otherwise they dont really know what to fight for.
  For me i have never had goals like have visible abs, i dont get inspired or motivated by people flexing their legs or showing off their booty. I mean thats great for them, they look great. I mean i like to flex as well, im not even going to deny that :) Its fun.... trust me, if you ever begin to notice progress on say your arms or legs or your back, youäll be flexing and taking photos all the time!!!
  Before looking at photos like that used to make me feel bad about myself and i know many others feel this way as well. Now i just think, great for them. Im happy in my body :) Thats the way we should ALL think. If you see a photo of someone else and think they look good, be happy for them .Dont start feeling bad about yourself.

But back to the topic.What motivates me is seeing transformation pictures, or seeing videos/pictures/gifs of people doing amazing things... like doing a one armed push up or watching the Crossfit games, or seeing marathon runners cross the finish line, I love seeing peoples workouts or new exercise videos, seeing all these challenging things. Thats what motivates me... i think. If they can do it, so can I.

Below you see some of the things that inspire me!!

I hope it hasnt bothered anyone that i made this post... but i just felt i wanted to show some of these pictures/gifs as they inspire and motivate me!! :)


  1. Hi Izzy :) i think its wonderful to hear about what motivates you! I enjoyed reading this post :)
    What i was wondering is if you would consider maybe doing a post about what your thoughts are on the media and some advice/tips as to what somebody who is suffering can do to manage when they see something in the media that is triggering or refers to diet / weight loss / exercise / body image etc.Maybe if you have strategies that could help someone to manage anxiety or negative thoughts about themselves after seeing something triggering in the media would be something that i would find really helpful, and maybe even any advice you have on how to avoid looking at the media if it is something you to tend to compare yourself to?
    Thanks :)

  2. if you didn't have visible abs and muscles, would you still be happy in your body? because it feels like its since then that you started to say you're happy in your body?