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Friday, December 26, 2014

Weight gain while strength training

The number on the scale is something that terrifies a lot of people. I get it, but at the same time it's  a very silly thing to be scared of. It's just a number... are you scared every time you measure (your height) or every times its your birthday? Not really, it should be the same thing with your weight. It's a number.

Many people also want to do strength training which is great. But I do want to let you know the if you are doing strength training properly then you are bound to gain weight. I also need to add that you won't gain  just muscle... If you are so scared of gaining fat or becoming 'bulky' (which trust  me, it won't happen. ) then you need to rethink how healthy your relationship  with exercise is.

When i was at the CF clinic I saw that I had gained weight and now weigh more than I ever have before.  I had already guessed that I had gained weight, both muscle and fat! The number on the scale doest bother me because it shows progress. It's another sign that I'm getting stronger... but also, my body is holding onto water like crazy and I got weighed with my clothes on. So whether i have gained actual weight or not i dont really know... but considering i get weighed with clothes whenever i go to the CF clinic i dont think that made so much of a difference.

However the weight gain is not a bad thing. Its nothing to be scared of. As long as your body is healthy and so is your mind, then who cares if you weigh X kilo or Y kilo. If you enjoy strength training then do it and forget the scale. The scale and your weight is only really important if you are underweight or overweight. But also let's not forget that some athletes have a BMI  classified as over weight but that's just because they have lots of muscle.

Don't panic about the scale or weight gain, there is more to life than that!! When you strength train the scale will go up, but you have to ask yourself, so what? Like really, its just a number. You might not look bigger or different despite the scale going up or down. Focus on other things, you cant let your weight bring you down or control how youa re feeling or what you think about yourself. 

And remember weight gain is NOT just fat gain. Weight gain = water retention, muscles, fat, body repairing itsself, growing and changing. So its not like you gain 1 kg of fat on your body.

^Summer 2013 vs. Winter 2014
c.a 60-62kg vs 64-66kg
(I tried to mimic the same pose... turned out very weird?!)

Christmas 2013 vs. Christmas 2014
c.a 60kg vs 64-66kg


  1. Seriously..honestly..I know this might sound cruel BUT....I don't see it ( the intro was just a joke ;)) I don't see the "weight gain" people have commented over the past few posts. All I see is more clothes on you because...duh...its winter...People are way too much focused on other peoples appearances WAY TOO MUCH...To me you have a perfect, fit and healthy body....a Progress anyone with an ED could only wish and strive for...

    1. Thank you. And that's true!! Though I have gained weight ;) both muscle and fat. But that's okay. The body changes and it's just to accept it!!

  2. Izzy how do I get rid of this crazy water I've been retaining also? It always goes away but it's just terribly uncomfortable at the moment. Just need sone reassurance please.

    1. It will go away in time. Drink water and peppermint tea :) don't panic, it can be uncomfortable but it will go away!