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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Unproductive Saturday

At the moment i feel i have 101 things to do and motivation to do 0 of them. Somedays the weekends just dont feel like enough time to get everything done.
   Christmas shopping & gifts to think out and buy. 3 tests to study for and a presentation to make. Research, essay writing and analyzis to do. Emails to reply to.  People to talk and email to. Things to be paid for and things to be bought.....
   Basically life. haha. But it just feels like all too much at the moment. And i had this moment where it all felt so overwhelming, especially my tests. I feel like i dont have enough time to get it all into my head, though i know its just stress and tiredness (though im not tired? so maybe its not this) that is making me feel this way.

Though instead of making myself feel bad and get anxiety because i wasnt doing work, instead i decided i would just take this day off. I knew i wouldnt get any work done... so there was no point sitting there trying to get it done. And instead tomorrow i will try to sit all day and get as much done as possible.
  And then next week i will have to try to go Christmas shopping, spend extra time before/after school and study etc Prioritizing is key at the moment but also not getting to overwhelmed or stressed. as that wont help anything.

I am going to continue my evening like i have done all day - in bed!!! I dont even know what ive done all day... wandered around the house. Moved from my bed to the dining room table, and then staring at the people outside then back to my bed then to the kitchen for food repeat!! not a bad day :)

Tomorrow it will be productivity 101 though :)

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  1. I think this must be a worldwide thing because my household (EVERYONE) has been hit with a "I really can't be bothered" bug and we run a campground hahaha. Sometimes it's okay to not accomplish as much (or anything). Our brains need a rest as well!