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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Think like a dog

Ok, so this title may be interpreted in so many different ways depending on whether you like dogs or not, if you have a dog or not. How your dog behaves etc

But for this post i am going to take my own dog - Daisy as an example.

Dogs minds seem so simple - to humans anyway.

Daisy loves food and at times eats everything we place infront of her, but other times she eats just what it is she wants and then she walks away and goes back to eat more when she is hungry... so for us it works to put out one big bowl in the morning and she will eat what she wants when she wants.
Also, she only eats what she likes.... if i were to put down a plate of food say chicken, peas, potatoes and tomatoes... she will eat all of it apart from the tomatoes...w hy? Because she doesnt like it. She might try to eat it, but she wont actually eat it.

Dogs dont think in calories or macros. They eat when they are hungry and im sure at times eat even if they arent hungry, haha.
But i mean if a dog lives a good life where they also get to go for walks and get the exercise level they need (i.e small dogs dont need as much exercise as larger dogs) then they keep a normal weight.

Also Daisy loves going for walks and running around outside. Whenever i am going to put on my shoes she comes running to me and wants me to take her with me. She loves going for long walks as well as short walks.
She loves going for numerous walks a day... she is always happy - apart from when its raining.

She also loves sleeping and resting. She stays in bed until someone calls her to go for a walk and then when she comes back in she eats and then goes and lies down in a bed or chair.
She sits and watches as we move around in the house, she gets up when food is being prepared or just to move closer to us.

Whenever we're out walking with her she alawys wants to meet other dogs and play with them. She isnt scared toplay with other dogs or dogs that are bigger than her.

Ok, you might be thinking.... Wow have i gone crazy?
Maybe i have?!

But what i am trying to write and get to is.... think like a dog.
Eat food because you need it, dont overthink food. In a healthy lifestyle you eat until you are full, then you stop and you eat again when you are hungry,
You rest, you relax but you can also be active and enjoy it. Somedays more active, somedays less active.
Be nice to other people (though i know not all dogs are nice!), be positive and happy to spend time with other people.

I know this post might seem really silly and you're all thinking, i better unfollow before this gets any weirder.
But think in simple terms. Think of survival.
Be kind to yourself.... another way to think is... Think of your body like a pet or your friend.
You wouldnt starve your pet or force your pet out on 10km runs everyday with no food or water, you wouldnt tell your pet that it cant rest or sleep. You wouldnt hit, cut or hurt your pet (or i seriously hope you wouldt).
So treat your body like a pet or a friend!!


  1. Hi Izzy! :) I really like this post, i agree with everything you have said - and since i love dogs, i love how you've linked it to how a dog behaves!! I think what you've said here is so true and i have actually never thought about animals and how they eat + exercise as a example of how a human could apply some of this thinking to themselves! Also, just wanted to say that Daisy is a beautiful and super cute dog!!!! Thanks for another amazing and helpful post Izzy! :)

  2. I love that you love your dog so much... i am exactly the same. i take my little pug everywhere, she loves to walk and i love just goofing around with her. some people dont get it when they dont have a pt that they love so much, but i literally would be gutted if i didnt have her in my life :)

  3. i have a dog and all i can say here is that i agree with everything you have written ;))

  4. <3 <3 <3 I LOVE this post!! Thank you so much Izzy!! I absolutely love dogs too - I have two, both of whom love their food. It's funny because only a few days ago I was watching my dogs and I thought, I wish I could be like them...they are so happy and carefree and they clearly enjoy what they eat. Anyway, I'm going to try and take a leaf out of their book! And Daisy is so adorable!! This post really made my day - thanks Izzy you are just brilliant ;) <3 xxxx