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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014


What do you know and how do you feel about super foods? Powders such as macs, lucuma, camucamu, baobab, spirulina etc

Superfoods.... the foods with a,lot of benefits!!! I know a bit about them but i wouldnt say i am an expert on them. My mum is though!! We have pretty much all of the super foods at home because my mum uses them.
  Sometimes i think to myself... i should use them. I should make green smoothies and use spirulina and maca etc though i never really do it.
 I do however eat/use things lke turmeric, goji berries, green tea etc

What do i think of them? I think they are great, they have alot of good vitamins, minerals, nutrition, antioxidants etc in them and so are very beneficial to the body. I have most of them in the house so i mean i should use them, but i think i do have a fear of being too healthy.... or focusing too much on super foods or health products. I feel that if i begin making green smoothies and eating chia pudding with goji berries then i might too easily begin just eating those types of things and might lose my balance. So i keep to eating how i normally do and then use some of those products when i feel i want to. Its also the reason why i dont eat gluten free products... as we have them at home for my sister but i prefer to buy normal cereal or granola and eat normal buns and cakes and pancakes rather than glutenfree versions. I feel that as i amnt gluten intolerant there is no reason for me to avoid it. And i dont want to be putting up restrictions for myself.
   With the super foods, i dont feel they are a super necessity to me as i take so many vitamins and minerals each day as well as getting pretty much all of my vitamins and minerals and macronutrients from the food i eat.

The only real thing which i focus on when it comes to food is that it should be organic.... so organic milk, eggs, free range chicken (though for ethical reasons im eating more quorn than meat) etc

This is just my opinion and i think that if you can add them into your diet thats  great, but only eating super foods or just focusing on super foods isnt so healthy. But if you find balance then eating them is great :)


  1. Don't get mad over this question, but if, like you wrote, you fear losing balance just by eating superfoods, are you truly 100% healthy? :(

    1. Don't worry I don't mind you asking. No I mean more that if I were too focus too much on eating superfoods i.e I feel I have to eat them then I don't think it would be healthy for me.... Because before (I. E 2012).I struggled with that I HAD 5 have vegetables with lunch and dinner, I couldn't just eat rice and chicken and sauce... but when I realised that it was ok to not eat vegetables at every meal I found more balance. It's not like I eat some spirulina or make a green smoothie and suddenly I'm sick, it's just that I personally prefer to just be super casual with food and not over think it :).don't know if this even makes sense,hahah :) it's hard to explain my own mind at times!

    2. I see. Thanks for the reply, I was just a little concerned you see? :) I didn't mean anything wrong or to be nosy. I do see where you're coming from. Keep being awesome!

    3. Dont worry :) it's ok to ask!! :)