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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Stressful times and a 2 hour test

More food = lots of energy!! That is how im going to start my post!! Lots of chocolate, home made rice pudding and lots and lots of clementines which is giving me lots of energy which i need for my training and also school!!!
    I started my day with a workout which set me up for the rest of the day and filled me with lots of energy (if you feel completely drained of energy like you need to just lie down for the rest of the day after a workout.. then you're doing it wrong according to me. Of course workouts are tiring and such, but you should still be filled with good energy!)
  After that it was lessons and studying until 3pm when it was time for my Swedish test... the test (well it was more a timed essay test) was going to take 2 hours. It felt like both a long time as well as a short time to write an essay... and i was very right with the thinking that it was too little time. The 2 hours just flew by and with the last 30 minutes i realised i still had alot of information to write and try to gather my head around. But i think i did well... it is so very hard to know though. But i'm not disappointed in myself anyway. So thats one positive thing of the day!!

Another positive thing of the day was my delicious snack when i came home - home made rice pudding, quark & vanilla yoghurt, walnuts & raspberries & 2 clementines & a Kombucha. It had gone ALOT of hours since i had last eaten.... bad planning today. My hunger had turned to no hunger, but once i began eating my hunger came back and i enjoyed every bite of my delicious meal and im now longing until dinner :) (even if im full!)

I will make sure to post one more positive thing about today in a later post :) But now i have some other things to do.

I also want to take the time to say that at the moment My inbox is overflowing with emails and i just dont have the time to answer them.  Every minute of my day is going to something else at the moment and sometimes i had a random 5-10 minutes where i might manage to answer 1-2 emails, but at the moment its very hard to find time for it. So im sorry about that. But hopefully you understand :)


  1. Hi Izzy! I´m sure your essay came out good :) You are such a talented writer.
    I´m sharing here my 3 positive things on this thursday
    1. I´m happy to be able to practice medicine and help people
    2. I had a good workout this afternoon
    3. Everyone who I´m working during this intern time with is so nice

    Have a great evening!


    1. Thank you :)
      Those are such great positive things!!!

  2. Hi Izzy! Heres my 3 positive things. Todays been a kind of rough and im still struggling with things but I guess you just have to look on the Brightside!

    1. I slept in 30 minutes (weird I did it yesterday too and normally I cant sleep in...guess my body needs it!)
    2. I'm done with one of my classes, finals and all
    3. I stopped a binge today. Although I did binge a little, its probably not enough to classify it as one. My dining hall had tons of yummy desserts today and I ate 3 of them. Sure its not that much but my stomach was also full. Then when I got back to my room I was going to have a cookie/brownie thing but I waited and I didn't! I tend to use the argument that I need to gain weight and that ive already eaten so much that one more thing wont hurt but that isn't good. I think this is one of the first times ive stopped myself right before ive gotten to that binge part. I still have a few guilty thoughts right now like now I need to have a salad for dinner but im fighting the thoughts and im going to eat an actual dinner! :)

    I hope you had a good day Izzy:)
    Hannah :)

    1. That is gret about stopping the binge!!! :) You are getting in control of the situation, not your ED! Remember, you dont need to compensate and that will most probably just make it worse. You are strong, you can do it :)(i.e eat and not binge!)

  3. Today was a good day for me :) so... my 3 positive things are:

    1. my dad said I look more beautiful then the last time he saw me
    2. I have a good body image
    3. i had an urage to binge , but instead of that i went out for a walk with my dog therefore managing to stop myself from binging :)

  4. Its completely understandable so don't worry!! You already invest so much time in helping people. You writing this shows that you care. I think you are handling this well! :)