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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Some people call me crazy but this is what i love

All week i have been longing for the weekend when i finally have time to go running!! My long school days mean that i dont really get a chance to go running outside but also leaves me so tired in the evenings so that i dont really feel like running, even if i could.
  But this morning i put on my running gear and decided to head out into the nearby forest and just run... i didnt have a plan of where or how far, instead i would let my body carry me forward and see where it takes me.
  By 10km i was neither tired, unmotivated or sore and i would still have had to run c.a 5km home again so i figured i might as well keep going and it was then in my head i put up the goal of running 21km.... I mean why not when i had so much energy and felt like i could keep running. It was by the 14,5km mark that i felt it in my left calf and hip so i turned back around. And by 19km it was then that it was tough, but the last km when i could pretty much see the apartment then it was easy again!!!

I came through the door of the apartment filled with endorphines. So happy and proud of myself! The last time i ran almost this far (it was around 17-18km) was last year. Ive only run 21km once before, so this was my second time!!!
 It felt so good :):) And all i can say is that if you want results you have to EAT FOR THEM,.Nacho chips, chocolate, chocolate covered nuts, rice pudding, lots of raisins and nuts etc was just some of the things i ate last night and that energy was used today!! I hadnt planned to run so far, but i listen to my body and if i know i have energy and can keep going, then i do!

Today will now be spent in bed with my computer and notes all around me and im just going to study, eat and lie in bed all day!!!

Quark, rice pudding, nuts, 3 fried eggs, an apple and coffee! 
Dont underestimate the amount i can eat!!

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  1. Congrats Izzy! I know how good it feels after. You just feel like a superwoman! I ran almost 9km today and thats my record :D
    Have a great rest of the day!
    And if some breakfast and snack inspiration is needed check out
    A blog I found a while ago :)