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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Second breakfast in school, my day and my new mobile!

I almost forgot to blog about my day today... not that it would  matter, haha. I just think im special and like someone cares, but i know thats not true :) hahah

This morning for my first lesson we had this 'feast' type thing... as it was our last lesson of religion 1 - as the course is now over. So everyone was supposed to bring some cultural dish and even though not everyone came there were still alot of different things on the table. Chocolate, ålandspancake, egyptian beans, norwegian sweet bread, Jewish bread, chocolate mudcake, hummous and pita bread, norweign brown cheese (?), ice cream, cookies, cake, etc
  So many sweet things. I cant eat sweet things in the morning so i stuck to bread, pita bread, hummous and some of the √•landspancake (not sure whats in it?).
    I didnt have a mobile so couldnt take any photos... :( and i was hoping my friends would post on IG so that i could sneakily 'borrow' their pictures, but they havent... haha, and i dont want to ask them to send photos (as they dont know i blog) :)

So, sorry about that :/ It would have been nice to show the table filled with lots of yummy food!

After that it was a lesson before lunch... though no one was hungry at that point - not even me!! Strange, but i had so much bread and hummous and pancake that it just filled me right up! (though of course i did eat ;) )

Then it was another lesson before i came home, ate my snack and told myself i would study.... but i didnt. Instead, i did 101 other things but nothing productive. I got some emails answered, i moved clothes from one pile on the floor to another pile, i ate some more granola, i wrote a few posts and just sort of waited until finally my mum and step dad were home and had picked up my mobile!! Yayyy!

I try not to be materialistic, but i must admit... i do love a smartphone!!! Though it has been a good break without one.. but now im back to being more updated!! And i love it ;)
I got a golden Samsung S5 and i got speaker with it for free ;);)

Now however im going to watch some TV before i go to bed :)

I hope you have all had a good day - tomorrow its Friday! Yayy!


  1. I have a galaxy s5 too!!! I really like it! Although its kind of big(at least my my small hands!), I don't even notice the size!! When I look at my friends iphones I just laugh! Haha

    I really hope that your friends post the pictures on instagram. All the food sounds yummy and I want to see what it looks like!

    Hannah :)

    1. Yeah its really big!! But I've already gotten used to it, and all the other mobiles are so small now!! :)

  2. Love my s5! Happy almost Friday :) This weekend going to do Christmas baking. We just decorated the Christmas tree the other day! So beautiful and took a ton of pictures of decorated-the s5 takes great photos :)

    1. Yeah its a great phone :) that's so nice with Christmas baking and decorating! Hope you have a nice weekend! :)

  3. I have an s5 as well, and well, though I don't really do the smartphone thing, this phone does everything I could ever want it to do. I am not materialistic either, but I guess after blogging for such a long time, it's strange to not be so connected to it. I definitely know how it feels aha. Xx Just some random thoughts. (: