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Saturday, December 27, 2014

School lunch ideas

I got asked if i knew any good school lunch ideas. I dont know whether you take with you, or eat at home and whether you prefer things like sandwiches with filling and a granola bar or a pasta sallad to take with you.
 But here is just a list of lots of lunch or dinner ideas either to eat at home or take with you!

Remember that its also good to pack with yuo things like fruit, granola bars, raw food bars/balls, rice cakes/bread, nuts, dried fruit etc for extra energy.

  • Quiche (chicken/salmoon/vegetable etc)
  • Baked potatoe/sweet potatoe with topping
  • Pasta salad
  • Salad with quinoa/bulgur/couscous and a protein and other toppings
  • Meat/fish with a carbohydrate source and some vegetables and sauce.
  • Lasagna
  • Vegetable/meat/fish pie
  • Sweet potatoe fries with chicken/salmon etc
  • Omelette
  • Spaghetti bolognaise
  • Home made pizza
  • Bread with filling (i.e avocado/cottage cheese/potatoe sallad/chicken/fish/cheese/ham/turkey etc)
  • Soup with bread

And so many other ideas!! Its just to be creative and think what can you bring with you... do you want something easy to eat like a sandwich or something which you need both a fork and spoon? and napkin to eat like spaghetti bolonaise or something :)

You can also look at my tags (lunch inspiration/lunch ideas/dinner ideas etc) for more ideas :)

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