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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Saffron buns recipe/Lussebullar recept

Recipe Source:

Time: 2 hours
Serves 40 pieces

50 g (1 packet) yeast for sweet doughs
1 g (2 FRP à 0.5 g), saffron
150g butter
or 150g margarine
500ml milk
250 quark
1 egg
0.5 tsp salt
1.5-3 dl granulated sugar
about 17 dl flour

about 1 dl raisins

1 egg

Equipment that is good to have:
electric mixer with dough hooks
or kitchen appliance

To do this:
Crumble the yeast into a bowl.

Melt the butter in a saucepan. Add the milk, stir and heat to 37 ° C (lukewarm).

(Be sure to stir the bottom of the pan so that the heat is distributed, otherwise it is easily done that it's just too hot in the bottom but only 37 ° C at the top where you feel the temperature if you put down a finger. You can also be measured with a thermometer in the bottom of the pan. Remember that it is better that it is too cold than too hot because if there will be 40 ° C or more it will kill the yeast and it wont yeast. If the dough liquid is too cold, however it will only take longer yeasting time anymore.)

Pour a little of the dough liquid (ie, melted butter and milk) over the yeast and stir until it is dissolved.

Pour in the rest of tliquid (melted butter and milk). Add the saffron, quark, eggs, granulated sugar and salt.

Mix by hand or machine.

 Add a bit of flour at a time until the dough comes off of the side of the bowl

(It is important not to undermine the measuring cup into the flour bag when you take too much because the flour is packed. Keep in mind that the less flour the juicier and airier buns, so strive to take less flour but obviously can not dough is too sticky. )

Put a kitchen towl over the bowl and let the dough rise until doubled in size. It takes about 30 minutes or a little more.

Take up the saffron dough on a lightly floured work surface. Knead the dough If the dough is too sticky, you can knead in a little more flour.

Divide the dough into 4 pieces (if you make a batch). Then divide each quarter into 2 equal pieces and then each eighth in 5 equal pieces (if you want it to be 40 pieces of kit).

Roll out each portion of dough to about 25 cm long. Roll the ends so that it is formed into an S.

Put the buns on sheets with parchment paper and press the raisins properly.

Remember to really push down the raisins in the bottom, otherwise they will rise up above and becomes easily burned in the oven.

Let the buns rise under a kitchen towel to double in size about 20-30 minutes.

(Yeast time may be longer depending on the temperature of the dough and your indoor temperature.)

Whisk the eggs to brush the buns with.

Brush theyeasted bunshwith the beaten egg. Be careful not to press too hard.

Bake saffron cats in the middle of the oven 225 ° C for about 8 minutes until golden. (With hot air of 225 ° C for about 8-10 minutes).

Let the buns cool before eating.

Divide them into plastic bags after they have cooled completely and freeze them anytime you do not eat the same day.


  1. Hey.
    I'm really happy I found your blogg, I read it often but I have never coment before.
    You write so good and I think you are very kind person.
    I have been sick like you for many years, and to read about your recovery really helps me somethimes and with motivation.

    Happy Christmas!:)

    1. i agree with lisa..its the same thing with me :) you are so motivating!!

  2. saffron buns are looking soooo delicious <3