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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Questions about Sweden

 Is there any valuable information you think I should know as you live in Sweden? 
Hmm... ive only lived in Sweden for 4 years, so i wouldnt say i am an expert on Sweden and what to do and what not to do. But Sweden is a country which i percieve has alot of 'silent rules'. I.e you queue for EVERYTHING. And you dont skip the queue unless you want to get lots of angry stares.
On the trains, trams, buses etc you try to avoid sitting beside other people, looking at other people and definitely not talking to other people - because then you are either a tourist, a murderer or crazy....
   Ive also noticed that alot of Swedish people are scared of conflict ... so instead of going up to the person on the bus making lots of noise they will instead write a letter to the newspaper saying... on bus 64 at 13.04 there were 2 guys who were making lots of noise on the bus and it was unappropriate and children these days need to learn to be quiet *blah* *blah* *blah*....

^^Though of course, those are just sort of silent rules, its not like the millions of people in Sweden follow this. Also know that the above ONLY goes for Stockholm.. in the other parts of Stockholm like Gothenburg, there the people are very open and friendly and you can make friends quite easily ive heard :) 

Sweden is quite an orderly country... it has its rules and society works well, but there is still alot of problems like each coutry has such as alot of homelessness, not enough jobs or housing etc etc But i wouldnt say im the best person to ask about all of this. Ive studied it of course, but i dont want to give out false information.

What is your opinion on living in Sweden if you don't mind me asking?
I like Sweden alot  But its very different to Ireland... you can more HERE. I like living in the city and i find that Stockholm is a good city... its weird to think its the Capital of a country. Alot happens in the city, but i still find that its a sort of cosy city to live in. Walking the city and along the water during the evenings is actually really nice :)
  As for the rest of Sweden, well i mean there are the parts of the country where there is more violence and crime and there is of course the country side. And at the very north and south of Sweden... its different in different parts of Sweden! But Sweden is quite a small country so sometimes i feel just how small Sweden is and other times it feels huge!

 And I know people in Sweden talk English a lot which is good for me of I move there. But I'd still like to learn the language. Do you think Swedish is a hard language? :)
Well, its not as hard as some languages. But it does have some grammar rules which i still havent learnt or remembered yet and ive been writing/reading in Swedish for around 3 years... though i havent actively tried to learn those rules either. Which isnt such a good thing as it brings down  my grade in school. 
  The swedish language however is hard for foreigners to pronounce properly... its like with all languages, there is a certain tongue to it... some languages you have to roll your tongue more and try to make these noises which, if you havent done them growing up, its very hard to do.
  Ive been told however that Swedish sounds like you're singing. 

If you want, i can make a short video of me speaking in Swedish :) (When i speak Swedish you can quite clearly hear that i havent grown up here!! Its a mix of irish, english and swedish :))

  Ive heard that Sweden is very gender neutral and its equal in society? 
I would say Sweden is one of the top countries for being equal between the sexes, but there is still a wage gap and a so called 'glass ceiling'....  Sweden however has created a word called 'Hen' which is basically gender neutral. Because when you say her its 'hon' in swedish and when you say him you say 'han' in swedish.... but if you dont really know or dont want to call someone a 'han' or 'hon' then you can say 'hen'.- When this word was being introduced and spoken more often in the language there was a veyr mixed reaction to it, but i think its great :)

If you have any more questions you can just ask (i ran out of time, so couldnt write any more. im sorry) 


  1. Hey Izzy!
    I'd really like to know more about sweden/Stockholm since i REALLY want to visit in the next years if possibile and even...maybe live there someday? If it's not too cold? I don't know if it's A LOT colder than here in germany?
    And next semester i'm going to lean the language at university so it would help to hear it from you :)

    Have a nice day,


  2. Interesting post. Has 'hen' caught on yet? Is it standard? What kind of attitudes towards immigrants are there in Sweden?

  3. I would really love if you made the video speaking Swedish, I always find it so interesting to listen to other languages. Was also wondering if there are a lot of beautiful outdoors places close to where you stay to visit or just sit and relax in Sweden, like you've said the pond is very beautiful and from the photos you've posted I've quite liked the places where you walk/run and the trees. Haha.