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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Questions about my weight

I hadnt been thinking about writing about this, but as it seems to be a recurring thing in the comments, then i thought i might as well write a post about it.

I have gotten comments telling me that i have lost weight and that its triggering?
  I understand and respect that, but i dont really know how you can see it from the photos ive posted... and anyway, the photos you have commented on are from a few weeks ago anyway...

I dont have a scale at home and i feel no need to weigh myself. Weight has no meaning to me... whether i weigh 62kg or 65kg doesnt really matter... of course if my family or myself were to notice that i had lost weight - and it was NOTICABLE then i would weigh myself and see ... but otherwise there is no need. Whenever i go to the Cf clinic every 6-8 weeks i get weighed and ive been the same weight for the past few months.
I am a healthy weight and have a healthy mind. If you find me or my body triggering, well then you should focus on learning to love yourself and not compare yourself to others. Because 1) There will always be someone smaller/thinner than you, just like there will always be someone bigger than you. But also...2) This is the way i look. Im healthy, happy and strong. If you find me triggering, then im sure you find looking in magazines and things even tougher because my pictures are all natural. There is no photoshop or weird lighting etc etc

This is how i look (taken today just before writing this post). I am at my healthy set point and from what i can see i havent lost weight... infact the opposite, im pretty sure ive gained some, haha. Though maybe not, who knows?

Im not really sure why you would find me triggering though? But the only way to make things not a trigger is to face them and work with the emotions behind the trigger.

Know that you are beautiful just the way you are. That you DONT need to look like someone else.  And you wont ever look like someone else anyway because you are YOU and you have YOUR body, so learn to love yourself!!


  1. The picture taken in the black mini dress does make you look thinner (I have noticed it too).

    However, I am pretty sure it is just the way and the angle that the photo was taken and also... The dress fits your frame perfectly. Just saying... :) You really do look amazing!

    Take care

  2. Just like Anonymous above said. I think it's just the perspective and the dress because I don't think you've lost weight! We all have some clothes that make us look suuuuper skinny or really big! And perspective also makes a big difference. I think you look like a normal teenage girl to me, okay maybe some extra muscles, but hey i'm getting those to! :D

  3. You're gorgeous Izzy! :) x

  4. You are strong, Izzy! So often people compare themselves to others-that's human nature. Our bodies can look different EVERY day, right?! Hope you are transitioning to the new apartment and new route to school. Hang in there the last few weeks of classes and exams!!!