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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My goals and dreams in 2015

In less than 48 hours its a New Year!! And that means 365 new oppertunities and chances. Ive always liked new years.... its like a new chapter, a new beginning even though in actuality, its just a new day!! But for me personally, New Years feels like stepping into something new and closing the door on all the negative things of the past year.
  This year has been really good though :) Ive been looking through my pictures and remembering everything ive done... i dont have photos from 'bad times', so its not like i really remember them. But i have lost contact with friends, my group of friends in school is sort of splitting up, there have been other personal and family issues etc so it hasnt just been a year of running and fun XD But i'm going to leave that behind me!

So... what are my goals for 2015?

  • To graduate high school with good grades
  • To run a half marathon
  • To be able to do a handstand and headstand without any support
  • Begin university (or studying basic courses which i need to know for the university course i want to study)
  • Keep getting stronger, faster, more flexible and of course happier!!
  • Travel to the U.S
  • Hopefully not be single the whole year... haha XD

These are just some of my goals, though im sure i have more!! 2015 is going to be an exciting year because it will be a new start, a new chapter in my life. Think... to those of you who have followed me since like 2010 or 2012...  Now suddenly i will begin University (if not in the autumn, then in spring!). I will hopefully start working and hopefully find my own apartment.... It feels so strange. Its scary but at the same time exciting,,,, Growing up is something i have always found very scary and i have all my life said i would rather die than be X years old,. infact, i didnt think i would even live until the age of 16... but look at me now. Older, wiser and more alive than ever!!
    It can feel impossible right now and maybe it is because you dont actually want to recover. But when you want to recover, then you can. Though its not easy... im never going to say recovery is easy, because it isnt, though it DOES get easier. Remember that!!

Anyway, onto 2015..... its a new chapter with new events in my life. New things happening... i remember when i didnt even know what University was and the thought of ever going to university was the same as going to Mars... it wasnt going to happen, it was so far off. I thought that by 2015 there would be flying cars and everything would be super organic and we'd all be saving the planet and have techonology all around all the time... which in fact is true, just not how i thought it would be!!
   I dont like talking politics, religion, money or any of that on my blog as opinions are so strong but i personally feel that 2014 has been a bit of a step backwards regarding those aspects, so hopefully things will change in 2015 so that the world can start moving forward and not repeating past mistakes.

Soooo... what are YOUR goals and dreams for 2015?
How did you think 2015 would be/look like? :)


  1. those are really good ones!! :) i agree with you on 'going backwards' this year, although also many positive steps forward have happened as well!! :) my goals are:
    - recover from my ED!! (most important one, but also the hardest :/)
    - finish 11th grade with good grades, and prepared for next year (also quite hard, as my ED takes up a lot of my time, concentration and focus on school work, i.e.: thoughts, exercising, anxiety attacks, meetings with the psychologist...)
    - read and write more :)
    - manage to enjoy life more, and not always think of "how long i have left to do this"(ex: if i am exercising, how long do i still have until i can stop. or how long do i still have until my next meal). I think this links with the first one: learn to see more in life than food and exercise.
    - travel :) although this depends on my family :)
    - practice more piano
    - practice yoga more often
    - redecorate my room

    1. These are all really good goals :) Write these goals somewhere and have them where you can see them so that whenever you feel unmotivated or you start taking step backwards then you cazn look at your goals and know what you are working towards this year!!

  2. My goal for 2015 is to finally let go. To finally let go of the PERSON that triggers me as fuck. This person is a boy, he was my best friend for like 3 month (?weird i know, he already loved me a couple of month before)but we were more than just friends, not a couple but we kissed us and met very often. Somehow everything changed, i lost him and everything started (this was in April). The lost made me feel somehow awful, i felt like i was nothing anymore. This is the reason for my ed, depression, self harm and why i was suicidal (seems like a stupid reason but i can't change that fact^^).
    This all is about 8 month ago, yesterday i found out he really doesn't want sth from me anymore (my friend thought he would cause he is looking at me so often in school) and i thought like 'fuck it why should i destroy myself even more for sb who doesn't even give a shit'. I somehow can't believe he doesn't like me anymore (that's what he said to my friend after he asked so many things about me and if i still like him ..(she said i shouldn't make me hopes but it's weird that he wanted to know so much)). And today, i don't think like 'fuck it' anymore, all i ask myself is why i am so stupid and i just want to hide myself. This has to change, i don't want to 'let him rule' my life anymore. I mean i nearly killed myself because of him? How stupid was i? I want these thoughts out of my head and i am so fucking tired of them.
    I want 2015 to be my year, and if i truly believe in myself, this is what it is going to be.

    1. You shouldnt feel stupid, all feelings and thoughts are valid and they arent stupid. But you cant let someone else, especially not a silly boy ruin your life. You have so much more to do, so much more to experience and giving up just because of one person isnt worth it. You can fight past these feelings and recover and want to live life. Its good that you feel tired of yolur situation, because tht makes it easier to fight for something new!! Stay strong and know your goals, know what you are fighting towards and what you want to achieve!!

  3. Its crazy how soon it will be a whole new year!! Its also a bit weird that in some countries, like Sweden, the new year comes much earlier, haha!! Your goals are awesome! I understand you when you say how exciting it is to be starting an adult life, going to university, getting an apartment etc. Even though I still have a couple of years left before I go off to study and move away I sometimes get so excited and can't wait!! :) along with feeling a bit scared too of course ;)
    Some of my goals:
    run a race
    read more
    go to bed earlier
    get good grades at the end of the year
    run a race
    be more patient
    get a job
    save some money for the future
    be more spontaneous
    And to the anonymous above, Im so sorry you have to go through this. Ive never been through what you described, the relationship part, but no its not a stupid reason if it causes such serious things. Setting up a goal and working towards is a good start and eventually will get you what you were working for. I hope it works out for you, you can do this!!
    Hope everyone has a happy New Year!!

    1. These are great goals :) I hope you have an awesome 2015!!! and that you achieve your goals :)