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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My afternoon snack and dinner & 3 positive things

Today has been filled with both negatives a positives.....
  Ill begin with the negatives.... Well when i first got to school my mind was elsewhere so i ended up leaving my books and journal by my locker and it wasnt until class started that i realised they were gone and had to ask th teacher if i could run down and get them... Then when i come back up to the class room, with my book and journal i realise that my fly/zipper on my jeans is all the way down.... *hahahah* i hope no one saw ;);)
I also dropped my phone today so pieces of the glass fell off -_- Holes in my phone screen now!!! -> My mum is gonna get angry!

And also ive started getting an allergic reaction (i think) to the antibiotics im taking so had to call the doctor and see what they said... so going to begin with antihistamines as well and see if that helps -_-'

But lets go to the positives of the day now.... :) And im aiming for minimum 3 positive things ( Feel free to share YOUR positive things of the day as well :))

1) I bought myself a questbar today during my long break as i was hungry :)If you're a questbar addict like me im sure you have seen that they have come out with a Smores questbar? Ohhh my gosh, i cant wait until i can order them :)

2) I finished an hour earlier than usual today - i was supposed to have a test but the teacher was sick... this is both positive and negative. It now means that i have 3 tests next week :(I just sort of wanted to get the test over with. 

3) I made my own rice pudding today and it turned out good :) So now im gonig to eat that instead of the store bought one :) So much tastier and now i can add my own flavourings i.e cinnamon/cardamum.

4) After school i just layed in bed and watched the Maze Runner... felt so tired, so that was much needed!!!

^^There you have the positives of the day

And here you have my afternoon snack & some coconut chocolate (its sooo good!!) 

And dinner:

Sooo good!!! :)


  1. Three positive things that happened today:

    1: I got a hug from my crush todayyy ;)

    2: i actually kind of enjoyed my dinner today...

    3: i have been wearing my absolute favorite hoodie ^_^

    1. :) That is awesome!! It made me smile to read them, because they are small things in a day which can make you smile!

  2. 1) Picked the first of our summer raspberries!
    2) Smell of summer rain
    3) Birds chirping outside

    Izzy,I was wondering how you make rice pudding? Is it hard? Do you eat it for breakfast or a snack?

    1. ^_^ Summer!!!
      Its not so hard, ill post the recipe. And i eat it for both breakfast and snacks .)

  3. I agree can you post your rice pudding recipe! I love rice pudding!

    Four Positive Things:
    1. Saw a dolphin on my morning run
    2. Talked to my ex who I broke up with 2 years ago (big mistake), but still am in love with him
    3. I am drinking hot chocolate :)
    4. I have 2 days left of classes and then finals next week, then I will be home for three weeks :)

  4. 1) Today I had a 'late day' which basically means classes start an hour later but end at the same time. So this gives me an extra hour of sleep and one less hour in school.
    2) When I came home I didn't have as much homework as I did part of it during class when we had some free time after a quiz.
    3) Right now I can relax, wash my hair, have dinner, email and watch series until its time for bed.
    4) Christmas and Christmas break are soon :)
    5) The laundry washer has been finally fixed after two weeks of being broken. You don't fully appreciate things until you lose them! This definitely applies to the situation!
    your food looks delicious! And don't worry too much about your zipper not being closed. Ive had half my skirt up I think twice in my life and I didn't notice until it was too late and a few people saw me -_- Everyone has embarrassing moments. And I'm sorry about your phone :( I dropped and cracked it a few months ago and it wasn't the first time. At least the that time it cracked only on the back so I wouldn't really have to fix it as it doesn't bother me so much now.Have a lovely day :)

    1. I love when i have days where i can start later :) Gives you time in the morning to do other things or to sleep in!!

  5. Three positive things are really good to appreciate your life...that's absolutely brilliant i are mine

    1) had my favourite fried rice with an omelet
    2)have done my laundry, as they piled up for ages because the washer machines in my hostel broke down and they just recently fixed
    3) had done my presentation :)

    Oh btw, my zipper situation was like yours too in weeks ago...during presentation hahaha. Goshhhh i dont know whether someone saw it. Hope not hahah. Dont worry izzy, mine are worse than yours hahah. Have a lovely day :)

  6. 1) I thought really hard today and succeded in my target : Fortimel + cake added to the rest of my meal plan.
    2) My flatmate and I talked for two hours and showed each other photos of our towns, it was sooo nice an funny ! And one day, I'll actually take her there, she has invited me for the summer (Granada in Spain, so hot and sunny, I can't wait !)
    3)I finished my essays and submitted them, DONE !!

    1. That is awesome about the cake and fortimel!!! And well done on your essays :)

  7. 1. I tried sea bass for the first time and really liked it :)
    2. My granny rang me and we spent an HOUR talking on the phone ;)
    3. Christmas shopping this weekend!! :)
    4. My mam bought me a box of Cadburys Heroes for my Advent Calendar.
    5. Finished my day with hot chocolate, hot water bottle, and reading Izzy's bblog! ;) xxx