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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

I now blog about recovery, my life, veganism and positivity!

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday 29th December

Helllo :)

A little update about my day!! This morning after my sleep in i put on my running clothes and shoes, fueled up and went for a run. And today, it was freezing, -9 degrees and i can tell you... i felt it. After a while my thighs started burning from the cold, my eyes went blurry and i could no longer feel my fingers. Luckily my love for running outweighed all of those, but the cold does make it less appealing to run outside and im thinking... it might just be a while until i run outside again as its just getting colder.

When i came home  i made myself a proper breakfast with what wwe had at home - quark, vanilla yoghurt, gluten free cereal, almonds and dates. And then did some work i had to do before heading into the city to do some things and then coming home and eating everything that we had at home... which wasnt much. But my body was craving carbs like crazy so half a pacakge of dates, taco bread, chocolate etc  During the winter the body uses more energy to keep you warm so i guess that might be a reason but also all the running. Because yes, i am running ALOT more than i did during summer. So now i am 10 times hungrier as well.

After lots of eating, it was even more food as my step dads sons (i.e my step brothers) were coming for dinner. So we began preparing tacos and now i am at absaloute bursting point! Can barely move from the food coma!! XD
   And now we're going to watch the 5th Harry Potter movie :) I hope you have all had a nice day!

And p.s emailing,commenting etc will be better in the New Year i hope, though im not so sure how well it will go with emailing when school starts again, just a little FYI :)
  But also, dont be afraid to let me know if there is anything you want to read about :) I feel there is no feedback or communication at the moment, haha. Hard to know what everyone likes or dislikes/wants to read, doesnt want to read :)


  1. Låter som en helt perfekt dag enligt mig!!! :) Älskar Harry potter! :D

    1. Jahh!! :) Älskar HP ocså... påminner mig om min barndom :)
      Hoppas du har en super nyår, har du några planer? :)

  2. Hi Izzy :)
    I'd quite like to read a post about what your thoughts are on the media with regards to how they portray diet, weight, what you should eat and body image, and how to cope/deal with things in the media that are triggering or promote a certain view about body image, food and exercise that is not what someone in recovery should be following, but the media is always there and everyone always talks about it... i find it quite triggering and don't know how to deal with it!!
    Thank you :)

  3. Since I have found your blog,through instagram, I read it daily and I am always checking for the new post to come out. I love how you write,I like to read about your day,your struggles,your happiness because I can relate and I find you like a soul sister that I can connect with. I would love to read more about your daily training at the gym and of course your resolutions for 2015. What you will say yes to in the new year? How do you want to feel in 2015? And things like that. Thank you for reading! Keep up the good work that you do and never stop bloging!!! Never!! Haha. Lots of love.

    1. I am so glad to hear that you like my blog :)
      Unfortunatly im not going to write about my workouts or training as that could be very triggering for people reading this blog. But i will write about the other things :)

    2. I think you are right. I didn t see it like that,sorry. And thank you for caring and replying!

  4. Could you make a post about your new year resolutions?? Or dont you have any? Haha Im quite curiousabout it. :) xx

    1. A post about this is coming up :):) Dont be afraid to tell me what your new years plans/resolutions are as well :)

  5. Hi Izzy! I don't know if you are interested in writing about this but it is something that comes up for me. I have been recovering from a mix of anorexia / bulimia that has lasted about 13 years now. I am naturally tall and slender, and have always been a little underweight due to not eating / over exercising etc.

    I have been recovering for several months and feel healthier and stronger and happier than ever. But one thing I still notice is - even though I would never say it to somebody in this position - I am so critical and judgmental in my mind of overweight / fat people. It's almost like I am so terrified of becoming like them, that I get so angry at them because if it can happen to them, why not me? I have friends who are good kind wonderful people who are also obese and I try so hard not to be judgmental but I can't help it! I have spent so long forcing myself to over exercise and under eat that I feel like if they put in the effort, they wouldn't be in the position they're in... which I know is very bigoted and silly and not based in any facts.

    So if you could write a post about how to not be judgmental of others, as you learn to be comfortable in your own body, especially when they represent a big fear (being fat), that would be amazing.

    YOU are amazing and inspiring! For being healthy and positive and lovely! Thank you!!! :)

  6. Hi izzy ! I was just wondering if you could give me some tips/advice on how to start exercising now that I've reached my goal weight in recovery?
    When I was sick I was running a lot and I would still like to do a bit but not as my main form of exercise.
    Thank you!