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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Let yourself relax

Hello :)
    Today has been such a strange long day.... i had so many ideas to write posts and also the motivation, though once i got home it was like all energy drained out of me.
    I left this morning to go to school where i sat and worked and then met m mentor who is the one who is guiding us during our project and i got a green light from him. He told me that i was doing well with my project and had a clear focus, now it was just to structure everything and put together all my bits and pieces into my first draft. Feels so simple, but still so many hours work to be done.... i had planned to contine working but i just sat there for like an hour, couldnt quite brnig myself to write anything formal. Instead i ended up on online shops just filling baskets and then clicking exit.... I should put this as a guilty pleasure of mine ;) Never actually buying anything, just filling different shopping carts on different sites. Does anyone else do this?!! :) hahah

Todays lunch was just a few snacks as i had thought i would have lunch in school but as there was no actual time for our class to have lunch and i came so late the lunch was gone so i just had to eat some snacks as lunch. A very badly planned day, food wise. So then when i came home i was starving and ate a big snack:

Rice pudding, raspberries, granola, 3 cinnamon crisp bread and an apple. And only a short while later i was eating more rice pudding and granola and nuts..... It was like i couldnt feel full. This is what happens when i dont eat enough during the day... its like i eat trippel the amount during the evenings then.
So learn something from me and my experience... eat frequently and enough during the day because if you dont it can so easily lead to binges during the evening. It wasnt a binge, but i mean... im pretty sure i ate like 75% of a normal persons diet just in a form of 'snacks'. Ohhh well.... Tomorrow is a new day :)

This evening i felt so tired that i have lain in bed and watched 2 films right after each other!! Ive never been the type of person to watch movies, i mean i can barely watch a 20 minute series episode without getting up to do something else. But recently ive been watching movies alot more often and i love it... its a way to relax and just let everything go. Lay in bed and sort of let my thoughts wander... i dont really focus so much on the film, so if someone asks me to describe or summarize the film i definitely wouldnt be able to do that. ¨_^
  Ive also drank c.a 3 cups of tea today and extra garlic and ginger as the rest of my family have been sick so i want to prevent getting sick. Though tea, resting, extra sleep and lots of water and ginger and garlic are great for preventing catching a cold!!

Anyway.... i hope to be filled with energy tomorrow and then more creative posts :)

I promise to try to reply to comments tomorrow!!!


  1. I am the exact same way! Not much of a movie person, but when I do actually watch movie/a TV show, I can hardly focus on the actual show. My mind just wanders! I thought I was the only one with this problem..haha! Good to know someone else is this way :)

  2. In my house, for colds, we drink tea with lemon, honey and raspberry syrup! Funny how everywhere it's different :)

  3. I do the same exact thing!! I always load up the cart on various sites but never actually order the things, haha!! And same with the films. I just noticed it a few months ago but sometimes I can't help but feel distracted and a bit bored. I just want to get up and do something else. Its hard for me to keep my eyes on the screen for so long.
    'Let yourself relax' is exactly what I should be doing now... But its my last week of school and there is so much due, so much studying to be done and quizzes each day :( It stresses me out so much and I easily get upset if the results aren't so good :/ I try to relax and not make a big deal of it but its so hard! I just want this week to be over, haha!! Just three more days, but Ill at least try to make the best of these few days :)
    Have a lovely day!