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Monday, December 15, 2014

How i celebrate Christmas day

I got asked if i could write about how i celebrate Christmas and how im going to celebrate Christmas this year!

In most countries Christmas is celebrated in different ways and i find it super interesting about the different traditions. Even the differences from the way i celebrated in Ireland comapred to here in Sweden are quite large.
This year we are celebrating pretty much the same way as last year, which is spending the 24th (the day that we celebrate and open presents here in Sweden... super strange? Its the 25th i think you should celebrate, but anyway!) and also the 25th at my step dads mums place. I dont have any biological grandparents left, but my step dads parents are sort of like grandparents.. but ive only known them for about 2 years, so there isnt that connection you feel with your own biological grandparents.

Anyway, on the 24th when you wake up you sort of have time to do whatever you want... most of us wake up at different times and have different morning routines. But if we can we try to eat breakfast together and then my mum and step dad do yoga, i will most probably go for a walk or run or something... or maybe not and my step grandparents will most probably take a walk and if i know my sister well she will spend the whole morning getting ready!! My whole family is very active though and we all like to be active and do things. So after we've all done our own thing we take a glass of wine or something and prepare a big lunch and then when its almost ready we all take a walk before lunch. When we come home from the walk we eat a big lunch together and then we watch the traditional Kalle Anka (i.e Donald duck) (its sooo hard to explain this tradiation as i dont even know where it comes from, but its an hour long and there are small Disney clips) and then when thats over by c.a 4pm we hand out the presents. There is one person who does the handing out of presents and everyone waits as one person opens a gift... so it takes like an hour!!!
   And then its sort of free time again before we begin playing games and just spending time with the family.... and eating whenever we feel like it. But theres lots of chocolate and alcohol inbetween everything. And to finish the day its usually another walk and then we watch whatever film is showing on tv.

Christmas last year:

Christmas 2012

Looking at these photos... can i just comment on how far i have come in the past 2 years... both mentally and physically!!! Serisouly... my arms last Christmas? (Though i had just been in NY and i know i had lost weight during that trip... but still! It was like after that and the beginning of 2014 that i decided to begin really strength training! Best decision ive ever made!
And christmas 2012 i was very depressed at that time due to all the school stress, lonliness etc that i was going through)

How do YOU celebrate Christmas?:)


  1. I am also always interested how people have different traditions and ways to celebrate. When I lived in Russia New Years was actually the main winter holiday. Christmas is celebrated on 7 of january and is much more spiritual and individual. Also I think after new years people get a bit too tired and want more of a relaxed holiday :) but they still have a meal and give presents on both holidays. Because I am half Russian, half American I get two Christmases and a new hers and also in between my birthday so lots of celebration!! Though now that Ive moved to the US well celebrate Christmas more ;) Anyway, we usually pick up last minute gifts and then open gifts, if its new years closer to night, and if its christmas during the day on Christmas day. We can do any things really. But in the evening and up until after midnight we spend the time as a family, watch a movie, cook a lot, eat loads, open presents, Skype family that fate away. And if its New Years we watch a Russian channel to see the president speech and do a countdown. Super fun!! Hope you have a lovely day and a Merry Christmas and New Years to everyone :D

  2. Du är jätte vacker på båda bilderna! Passar som brunett men även som blond, trots att du strålar mer av lycka på den första bilden :) Låter som en härlig julafton, jättekul att läsa! Fast vad konstigt att donald duck visas klockan 4, hos oss går den först klockan 7 :P :( Så man får vänta lääänge. Iallafall hoppas jag du har en underbar julafton och nyår, kram Izzy! Vore härligt att spendera en jul med dig, haha fast det är ju meningen att man ska vara med familjen XD Ingen aning varför jag fick en känsla att fira den med dig! Menmen :) God jul!! <3

  3. Hello again :) in nz we put up our tree and decorations on the first of dec then on christmas day we have a big breakfast and open our family presents then our grandparents arrive and sometimes aunts etc. if they have come to nz and then have Christmas lunch with ham etc. and desert then open presents from them and give them of course then we will o for a walk then dinner which will just be leftovers form lunch, next Skype/ call aunts and cousins etc. who are not with us on the day then we will watch the queens speech and the bed :)
    Merry Christmas and lots of love Livvy xoxox

  4. I am from Australia so christmas falls in the summer time. On Christmas Eve our family all sit down together and watch carols by candlelight. We usually wake up early on christmas morning and have christmas ham on toast for breakfast before opening our presents. If it is a nice day we spend lots of time out in the sun and go swimming in the dam or at the beach. We usually have a big roast lunch with pork, turkey and vegetables and relatives come over. For tea we have left overs or a BBQ with meat and salad. Typical christmas desserts for our family are pavlova with cream and fruit, christmas pudding and trifle (a dessert that has layers of sponge cake, jelly, custard and fruit). Other typical christmas treats include lamingtons, christmas biscuits and chocolate.

    While I haven't been able to enjoy these types of foods the last few christmas's I am proud to say that I will be eating these foods this year. Without izzy and her blog I don't think that this would be the case so thank-you izzy! :) x