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Saturday, December 13, 2014

House supper and spontaneous night out

Yesterday felt like a lifetime.... the day never ending, but not in a bad way. Infact it was a really good day yesterday!

I got to school an hour early, planning to study for my final test this term. And then it was time for my test.... not a super test but it was my final one and it feels good now that its over!
 Then we had our final lesson before it was time to get ready! Everyone looked so pretty and was dressed up, it was so nice to see :)
   Then it was the house supper where there was an awkward mingling and having to make conversation with random people at your table! The food was typical Swedish christmas food - pickled herring, egg, salmon, meatballs, small sausages,potatoes, bread, cheese etc and i actually managed to fill myself up which i didnt think i would do!! And for dessert it was like a soft gingerbread cake with frosting!
   There were speeches and awards given and then at the end there was photos taken and dancing!!

When the supper ended a big group of my friends and I decided to go out for drinks. It didnt really go as planned though as our group was so big and we all had big bags and the group was so undecided. Some wanted to go for shots and others just wanted to take a drink and talk. But we went to two different places and took some drinks - myself included. But by 11pm i felt myself getting a little bored i.e it was not so much fun anymore. Some of my friends were getting tired so i decided to leave with them....

I hadnt planned to go out but it was fun to do something spontaneous, though i much rather decide to go out so that i can have the proper outfit - not a super fancy dress - and not have to carry around a big bag!!

It was fun though and spontaneous can be good :) To do different things and step outside of your comfort zone :) Its not that im scared, its more that im lazy and tired, hahah :)

Anyway, i came home late last night so havent had time to reply to any comments or emails... though at this point i dont feel like readnig the comments, hahaha XD being attacked. No dont worry, i can handle those types of comments :)

*No picture from when i went out*

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  1. You're looking amazing !! This drees and these shoes are so pretty !