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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hamburgers and friends

Tonight was a success... it went alot better than i had thought. I was worried that there would come that awkward moment when you dont really know what to do or what to say, but that never happened!

At first 2 of my friends said they couldnt come so that made me a little sad... but actually it turned out for the best because i dont think i would have had chairs for them anyway!
 I had made burgers and fries thinking that would be a good food that most people enjoy but in all honesty i did most of the eating... maybe they werent hungry or maybe i hadnt fried the meat burgers properly... but i now have loads of meat burgers left and not really sure what to do with them!!
  When we were done eating we sat in the sofa and on the floor and continued talking and eating sweets and crisps. So much crisps in my belly now, im pretty sure i ate the whole bowl by myself after 3 burgers ^_^

The evening went really well and we sat and talked and laughed until my mum and sister came home and my friends began to leave.  They all fell in love with my apartment and with Daisy, they all pretty much decided they wanted to move in, hahaha XD Someday i might do a video of the house, but for now i think i'll wait... we're still redecorating and changing things in the house, but also i dont really want to give away too much ;)

Anyway, ive now eaten a few loads of cinnamon crisp bread (they're soo addictive, i think i ate too many!) and am about to go to bed as tomorrow its an early morning!!! And also my last day in school and last day of this school term!!


  1. Looks like a fun social at your new apartment! These cinnamon crisp breads you have-can you show a photo of the packaging? They look SO good and would taste great with coffee.

    1. They'er swedish so not sure if you can buy them in other countries.... but they are by the brand Wasa. :)
      And it was lovely!

  2. Its so nice you had a nice time! :) Im so glad its break after tomorrow is over as well (and we finish early!) but the semester isn't over yet so I can't have that 'phew, its all over' feeling as I still have like 5 exams in a month or so :/ plus other not so great stuff happening in my life...BUT I will try and relax during break, get some stuff done, which includes resting ;) and just have a break from most of everything.

    1. Ohh that sounds tough with the exams.... I have a few tests and essays due 2 weeks after i begin so thats rough, but im going to give myself until New Years and not focus on school and then the week before school ill slowly begin working again :) Rest and stress free is importnat as welll!!