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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Getting comments about your appearance

Getting comments about your appearance  can be the hardest or best thing.
Just the previous day when I come home from a run my mum was like 'what's that' and pointed at my calves. I didn't know what she was talking about. And she was like, 'what's that sticking out?' I responded with my calves? And she said yeah they've gotten so big..   I was shocked at that comment.  I mean I know my calves have grown a lot as I do a lot of running and walking, but they're not that big. And my legs and calves have always been a problem area for me.  But once I got over the initial shock and reaction of the comment I no longer cared. But getting  comments like that can be hard. Or when someone tells you that you look amazing when you still hae a few more kilo  to gain. And the thing  is, you  can't stop the comments either. All you can do is change what you think of them or whether you allow them to trigger you or not.
If someone says you look bigger don't take it as a mean comment but think of it like..m you are getting your life and health back. Yes you have grown. But that's because you can't be a skeleton  or underweight all your life. It's not healthier for you. But I also recommend if you get comments telling you that you look  bigger. ... don't be afraid to tell the person that it was rude to comment something like that. Especially to someone trying hard to gain weight.

If you are told that you look better or amazing and you still need to gain weight realise that you will look even better when you are a healthy weight then. This is approval that you look better now than when you were skinnier.

If you strength train and someone tells you that you look too big.... don't be afraid to flex your muscles and ask that person to do a arm wrestling game or who can do most push ups or something.... but  comments like you are getting too big are absolutely  nothing to worry about. Instead focus on getting healthy and if your goal is stronger focus on that as well!!
People can say stupid things and it can be hard. Very hard. But you have to control your own reactions and thoughts. Don't let negative thoughts or comments swirl around in your head instead talk about them or write them down. And know that you are pretty no matter what your weight or size. But also know that you will be pretty and look great when you are a healthy weight as well :)

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  1. That was very unkind of your mum to make such a comment! I dont think your calves look too big, they look fir and strong and they help you run! Hope you never let such opinions bother you)) You look spectacular! Hugs)))

    1. I dont know why she commented it was very strange.. but i dont think she meant anything bad with it. XD And thank you!

  2. my mum told me the same comment last month..but i didnt care about her opinion :D

    1. Thats great :) I dont care so much about her comment i dont even know why she said it! XD