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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Food for thought & moderation

Something which i thought i would write about, is how people seem to be scared of certain foods. Foods such as nuts, potatoes, rice, cheese, dairy and others have all gotten bad reps and people seem to be scared of these types of food. Even healthy/normal people.
  They think that if they eat rice for dinner suddenly they will gain loads of weight, and their progress will be ruined....  Which is very unrealistic. Unless you somehow manage to eat 3500kcal of this certain food & your daily intake, you're not going to gain weight because you eat some potatoes, or eat nuts etc etc

Its all about moderation and balance. You shouldnt eat too much of any type of food. Though how much is too much all depends on the person. I mean I for example can eat up to 200g nuts 1-3 days a week & all my other meals, and i dont gain weight from it. But for other people, they can gain weight very easily, and eating 100g of nuts woudlnt be reccommended for them.¨
Moderation means finding balance. You may want to eat the whole 150g chocolate and know that you can but you also know somewhere inside you that actually eating 150g chocolate in one sitting might be too much and instead you eat 2-3 rows. Sometimes you can get cravings that push you over the edge of moderation i.e you want crisps, ice cream and chocolate all at once and if that happens once - where its NOT a binge, just that you are craving those foods. Then its fine, thats still moderation. But if suddenly 5 out of 7 days a week is eating huge amounts of something, then it might not be too healthy.
  Nothing is healthy in excess. Moderation is not just portion sizes though... its more than that, its about lifestyle, your whole diet, what your body needs etc

Its vary hard to say this is moderation. Because its so different for everyone but basically moderatio is NOT black and white. Its not either no chocolate or 200g chocolate, or no pasta or 3 plates of pasta. But its about the balance and the inbetween. You shouldnt feel deprived or crave it all the time and you shouldnt over eat it either. 

No food is bad. Or of course foods with trans fats and lots of unknown chemicals isnt exactly good for your body. I mean we all know the kind of typical foods which well, arent necessary in your diet if we put it that way. But normal unprocessed food - whole grains, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, protein, dairy, nuts, fruit and vegetables. all of those are healthy and good for your body!!
   Rice is not bad. Potatoes arent bad. Pasta isnt bad. Salmon isnt bad. Eating rice wont make you gain weight. Eating pasta wont make you gain weight.

Eating a pizza now and again wont make you gain weight. Drinking a cola now and again wont make you gain weight.

Eating a salad now and again wont make you lose weight. Eating carrots everyday wont make you lose weight.

Gaining and losing weight is about the total of everything. Its about what you do everyday, not what you do once in a while.
  If you eat salad for lunch all the time and then one day you eat chicken and rice and you get loads of anxiety because you think you are going to gain weight.... no you wont.

You need carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats, vegetables everyday. That is part of a healthy diet. Eating potatoes everyday wont make you gain weight... its about the whole total of thing.

Many people count BMR as their calorie intake for the day thinking that all they need is 1200-1500 because that is what their BMR is, but BMR is basically what your body needs to just keep you alive. But what your body actually needs is your TDEE. and thats your maintenace... for example my BMR is 1400 but my TDEE is around 2600-2800... so there is a BIG difference. So what my body needs just to maintain its weight is around 2700kcal a day... and maybe more because i have CF.
  So eating just 1200 kcal ISNT enough and also its the reason why you need around 2500+ kcal to gain weight in recovery because that is what your body NEEDS to recover and repair its metabolism. And it will also help after recovery when you can then eat a normal amount and not gain weight.

I know at times it can feel like you eat a slice of cake and suddenly you think that you have gained a kilo, but that isnt the case... it doesnt work like that.

No food is bad. No 1 certain food makes you instantly go up in weight. Remember that.


  1. BMR is not maintenance calories! BMR is what your body needs to keep you alive - with a BMR of 1700 your maintenance would be a few hundred higher than 1700.

    1. So with 1700 BMR 2000 calories will not make anyone gain, is what I mean.

  2. Ah, good job on the edit. :)

    1. ;) It was badly written in the first edit. So thank you for pointing that out :) Really i should read over what i write. haha