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Monday, December 1, 2014

Eating at different times

A problem which I had when I was in recovery - something which I'm sure many of my readers  can relate to. Was how strict i was with what time I ate..... Most of all I didn't want to eat,  but if I knew I had to because I was out with my family or something then i would freak out and panic if they suggested we eat at 2.45 not 3pm or we eat dinner at 5.30pm not 6pm. I had to have control and if something like that happened I would get really angry, start panicking and almost begin hyperventilating from the panic.  Just something as small as eating 15 minutes earlier than normal.... These control issues with timing were something hard to let go of when I began to listen to my body.  But I soon realised that my body didn't work the same everyday. ... Some days I was hungrier, some days less hungry. I remember the first time I ate a cheese sandwich just an hour after lunch.... i was still hungry and it felt wrong but at the same time right. ... and that was one of the first steps in listening to my body. It felt weird and anxiety filled in the beginning but soon I no longer looked at the clock when I ate. I didn't think about how long it took me to eat either.  I didn't think about the time between meals or dread having to eat again. But looking forward to it because I was hungry - the positives of intuitive eating. Being hungry each time you eat :)

What i thought about a few days ago was how i ate my afternoon snack and only 80 - 90 minutes later I was hungry again. And so I began making dinner... not caring that it was only 5.30 pm and my usual dinner time is 6-7.30pm.  I was hungry and wanted food!!

Strangely enough i got asked about this topic - when should you stop following the time cues of when to eat... i.e if you get a meal plan and you follow those times rigorously... Well i would say when you begin to eat more intuitvaely, when you listen to your body. Because somedays you might go 4 hours after breakfast until you eat something else, otherdays you can barely go an hour before you are hungry again.... and somedays you want dessert after dinner, other days you dont.
  So when you feel that you can listen to those signals, that you can eat food when your body wants it and feel that you can stop when you are full then i would say begin to listen to your bdoy more than jjust following a plan.
  But its important to know when you  follow your body, it doesnt necessarily mean you eat less than you already do now... it means you eat roughly the same, more or less... but it shouldnt be that you skip whole meal times or all you eat for lunch or dinner is salad and tomatoes 'just because you are listening to your body'. But its about learning to eat at different times and maybe eat different foods at different time... maybe you want oats for an evening snack even though you usually eat yoghurt or something etc

 So a small challenge you can face is letting go of control and eating at different times, places, different things or letting someone else prepare the meal for you:)



  1. Thank you so much for this one, I struggle with times a lot! I managed to be a bit more flexible but it is still very hard. I'm asking myself why I do this, I mean I have to and will eat anyway, why does it matter when and what? I guess you've got to just let go and go with it, you're totally right. I thought I was alone with this, so it's good to know that I am not the only one :) I'll try to challenge the time-control thing, thank you for motivating me!

    1. Good luck. Stay strong and like you said... you're going to eat anyway, so who cares what time it is!