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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Drinking tea and knowing that things will be alright

The evening got a bit better after my hectic and disastorous day!
    When i came home my sister was about to begin making gluten free saffron buns (she is gluten intolerant) so i had something to look forward to anyway!

I then decided to make rice pudding because the batch i had made was all gone, though i end up forgetting about the boiling water and rice on the stove so when my sister and I end up smelling smoke i rush downstairs to find the rice all black and burnt and the kitchen all smokey.... Opening all the windows and trying to get the smoke out so the alarm doesnt go off!!!
   Despite my first attempt going completely wrong i decided to try again and this time it went well and became alot better than the first time i made rice pudding. This time more creamy :)

After c.a 4 portions of rice pudding, a few saffron buns and also some dark ginger chocolate i am now satisfied and filled up with treats!.... I was actually feeling really sick, like i couldnt eat at all. But eating helped get rid of the pain, weird. But this is something ive learnt, sometimes when i feel like i cant eat at all, that is exactly what i need to do!

Now im sitting in bed with a cup of tea and thinking about my day, it feels like a life time ago that i got up at 6am this morning!!
  Tomorrow is a new day and im hoping that the weather will allow me to go for a morning run :) Im filled with energy now, so hopefully this energy will last :)

Ohh also, i have bought a new phone (pay monthly 'cus aint no student able to buy a phone just like that!) -_- It burns in my wallet. But well, a phone is necessary if its me. So its just to do what needs to be done and just be super economic this Christmas and the next few months.  :) I hate talking money, so ill avoid it on here :) hahah
  But ill atleast hopefully have a new phone within the next 3 days!!! Though if i know myself it will take like 3 weeks before it arrives. (I have the absaloute worst luck with phones!!)

But enough complaining :)

Positives of the day:

Rice pudding
Saffron buns
My maths test is over
My sister let me use her phone to Instagram... #addicted
I bought a new phone

^¨The glutenfree saffron buns :) They were delicious... but i must admit, normal saffron buns are alot better... hahaha. Who wants glutenfree when you can eat the real deal? :) Though they were great if you cant eat gluten!!


  1. whats your instagram username/account? :))

    1. Its like a fitness/exercise one, so i dont post it on here, sorry :)

  2. I just have my smartphone this year. Before this, i used a mobile phone that can only make calls and texts. I have to admit that using smartphone is definitely wasting my time. I keep surfing more than i did when i had my old phone. And the worse part is i talk less than i should, and ignore my friends without even knowing it!! Good luck with ur new phone anyway. what kind of phone do you buy this one? Yeah do you mind sharing with us ur instagram account :)

    1. Im quite good at balancing that... when im with friends or family i try to put my phone away and not get distracted by it and the same when im studying. I mainly use it when im on my own :)
      I got the new Samsung 5, as there was a special Christmas price on it! And sorry ,but my Instagram is like a fitness/exercise one so i avoid posting it on here as it can be triggering to people.

  3. Aww I am sorry that your day wasn't the best but don't worry you have noooo idea how many times I have filled up the kitchen with my baking hahaha!!! And wow are those buns really gluten free!!! I have been gf since I was about two or three as it makes me really sick but I always try t avoid making buns and breads as they always crumble and fail so tell your sister I am really impressed!!
    Having a nice day :)
    Lots of love Livvy xoxo