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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dont judge what you dont know - answer

If you are so healthy and recovered, why do you use artificially calorie-free sauces when you can use the real thing? ;)

Well why do i eat salad? Why do i drink water? Why do i chew gum?...... Shouldnt i just stick to eating Mcdonalds 5 days a week, drinking soda and eating pasta, bread and potatoe topped with ketchup and cheese everyday and also muffins, crisps and chocolate.... Just to prove im healthy?

When you are recovered both physically and mentally you can make choices.... just like a normal person. You can choose to drink normal coke or diet coke, to drink water or a lemonade, buy sugar or stevia. The choice is there.... But healthy is also NOT being afraid of the other option.
   Do you choose to eat whole grain pasta 6/7 times and white pasta now and again. Thats fine, that doesnt make you sick. Its a persons behaviour and thoughts.

The reason i ate the Walden free calorie sauces is: Because i got them sent to me. I have a partnership with MMsports. So they sent them to me to try and review (not on my blog). So thats why i ate them.... does it make me sick? Of course not... its like if i choose to eat egg whites someday instead of a whole egg. Thats a choice i make.

Not every choice or food choice i make is because of calories. I eat the things i want... somedays i want stevia chocolate, other days i want normal chocolate. Somedays i want freshly baked bread, otherdays i want my microwave bread.
   Please stop accusing me of not being recovered, its getting very old now. You know very little about my life or what i do apart from the small things i post.... you may seen one or two meals but that is 10% of my day. You read the little bit about my life or school but you dont know the other thigns going on in my life. So dont presume things or judge me.

If i was sick my parents would know... so dont think that you havea  right to accuse me of being sick when you dont even know me.

There you hopefully have your answer - as i know i have gotten asked this question like 10 times and im not so sure why it is you want to know so badly or why you think its a bad thing that i eat them? Everyone has different opinions on things with artificial sweetners... i try not to consume them often so i dont see a problem in eating them sometimes.


  1. Except those cal-free things are not healthy, just like burgers, soda etc are not healthy. Dumb comparison to make. Salad on the other hand is good for you, so is water. Please.

  2. wow and what is wrong with eating a treat every day, exactly? stop demonizing it as something bad. i have perfect lab results, i am a fit, energetic swimmer and i am happier & healthier than ever and i eat something 'unhealthy' every day because getting calories in as an endurance athlete is near impossible with 'clean' food for every meal. get off your high horse. oh no, i eat ketchup and bread. horrible.

  3. caloriefree sauces is only chemicals and artificial sweeternes which gives your body nothing good, no nutrition at all, only bad things, so why would anyone eat them?? if you don't think they are unhealthy for the body then i can't agree with this "healthy lifestyle"...... its very ok to eat potatoes with ketchup, most people do that

  4. She is saying that she is healthy because she can choose what kind of food she wants to eat that day, whether it be healthy or unhealthy. Not one person should ever only eat 'clean' and avoid anything 'unhealthy' because that's not a healthy relationship with food. A healthy relationship with food is when you can eat whatever because that's what you want to eat then, regardless of the 'health' value of it. Food is food. Stop being so judgemental. Like she said, you only know 10% of her life.