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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Day 4: 5 things you like about yourself (appearance wise)

i ended up posting this yesterday... but it was meant to be for today... so ill just repost it ;)

5 things i like about my appearance: 

Now i dont want this post to get you looking at your body and thinking of all the negatives and what you want to change. No, i want you to see the positives in your body. I want you to be able to look at yourself and smile and when you do feel bad about yourself or your body, you can remind yourself that actually... your hair is really nice, or you have nice nails or nice eyes. Or that you like your height etc
  Now know that change in the body isnt a bad thing. All your life your body will change and grow, and you have to learn to see the positives in that!

I like my hair... even if somedays i feel like just cutting it all off because its dry or in the way etc... but if i properly take care of my hair, then it actually looks good :)

My arms and shoulders!

Im learning to love my legs.... my legs have always been a problem area for me. But im now not focusing on how they look, but on what i can do with them. I can run 21km, i can walk, i can squat and do leg presses. I can use my legs to climb stairs, to stand, to run, to swim etc... i love my legs for what they are and what they can do rather than how they look. And that makes me happy! 

I like my eyes :)

Can i say i like my tattoos? hahah... yeah, of course i can :)

Its funny how it can take such a long time to find things you love about yourself, but easy to point out 10 things you dislike about yourself right away. So this was a good post and practise for myself as well :) I mean i like my body and the way i look, but i never really write it down and think about it :)


  1. My hair
    My eyes
    My smile
    My height
    My eye lashes
    That was hard, but thanks for the challenge xx

    1. :) Its a good thing to do, even if its hard!

  2. 5 things i like about myself... Oh well...

    1 - my dimple
    2 - my freckles. When i was younger i hated them and i once wished for Santa to take them with him in exchange for my Christmas gift, but i have learned to see them as a charm :)
    3 - my lips... They have a fine shape
    4 - my eyebrows. I dont even have to do that much about them, cause they look fine naturally.

    5 - my eyes. I often get compliments on my eyes :)

    Challenge completet ;)
    Me vs. Bad self-esteem : 1-0 !

    1. hahaha, yes!!! Definitely a point to you :) And keep focusing on these positive things!! :)

  3. Hi Izzy! Here is mine. It was tricky to do this alright, possibly the hardest yet :/

    <3 the pics Izzy :) xxx

  4. 1) nails

    2) fingers

    3) eyebrows

    4) also learning to love my legs

    5) my neck

  5. 1) Face and all its features
    2) My body type. It's always been less feminine, even a bit on a masculine side (at least for me building streght is way easier than improving at cardio), but also graceful and light-feeling. Of course there are bad moments but they don't really matter when I'm thinking generally.
    3) Hair with its natural bendiness and glow. I tend to ruin it by just growing it eternally without getting rid of the dried ends, though.

    I've practically mentioned everything...

    4) My hands and feet. Hand for their long fingers and my feet, well, they're not that petite and I keep tripping like I had extra toes on the soles but I see them as my personal antiheroes. After all, they've been the ones that have taken me everywhere that I've been.
    5) All I have left is my skin. After childhood athopy it still feels amazing to realize that I'm not itching! The color is fine to me, too, of course.

    1. :):) These are awesome :) I love all the positivity!

  6. 1) my long wavy hair. It's taken me years go grow out and I always get compliments on it :)
    2) my eyes and their colour
    3) my face shape
    4) my tummy
    5) my skin

    Wow that's a lot more difficult than it seems but I'm glad I did it :) you rock izzy xx

    1. :):) Even if its hard, its a good thing to do :) SO whenever you feel down, remember this list!