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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Day 3: 5 things yo want to get better at

3rd day out of my 7 day challenge :) 

5 things i want to get better at:

1)Handstands and headstands..... yesterday i got into a headstand without the help of a wall and i could hold it for 3-5 seconds, so making progress!! But despite handstands being on my goal for 2014, i am too scared to practise them on my own!

2) French, like i said in a post earlier today... i want to be able to speak french better - maybe not fluently, but better!!

3) Coping with stress..... i know the strategies, but yet.. i dont seem to apply them to myself

4) Meditating... i really feel i need to beging with this. I mean im doing my project on yoga and meditation and i can see ALL the benefits, as well as having sent out a questionnaire where once again all the benefits have been made clear to me (not to mention my mum is a yoga teacher and does meditation and likes to remind me how good it is often). I still dont seem to do it... 2015 goal maybe, begin meditating? Though my mum told me to begin with i should start with an active meditation i.e walking in a circle or something like that, as she said it might be easier for me to let go and meditate then instead of just sitting down and then having 101 other thoughts in my head.

5) Reading more in my freetime.... I spend alot of time infront of the computer as i do alot of school work as well and blogging and such, but i also think it would be good to read more as i used to be a complete book worm when i was younger. I could finish 2 books in a week!!! So back to reading more often.... just need to find some good books, i feel thats the hardest... as well as finding time. But now over the christmas break i think its good to borrow 1 or 2 books :)

These are my things i want to get better at...and now when i have written them down, i know what to focus on... like im going to try go to the library sometime in the next 2 weeks as well as maybe beginning with some form of meditation :)

What are the things YOU want to get better at? :)


  1. 1)maths

    2) p.e.

    3) stopping myself when i have an urage to binge

    4) putting up my hair in a hairstlye xD

    5) drawing

  2. Hi Izzy! These are great these lists, makes you think for a while :)
    1) I need to get better at relaxing
    2) better at coping with stress, find new ways
    3) I should work on my swedish ;)
    4) I want a better self esteem, to see my self realistically
    5) Loosen up my schedule

    Have a great wednesday!


  3. -fight my ed(big goal for 2015!)
    -read more good books
    -running- cant wait to have my energy back & start running again! I liked it so much when i was healthier
    -tell people about my opinion, say "no" somstimes
    -be more social, be there for my friends

  4. 1) to get better at German and hopefully be able to speak it in some form at least :)
    2) running
    3) public speaking
    4) knowing what it is I want and not just take over the opinion of other people
    5) proving people, like my family, that I can stand up for myself and do things on my own, be independent
    6) reading. I too spend a lot of time on the internet and when I do start reading a book suddenly theres another one and another one and it all gets too much and I usually end up reading one book and forgetting the others for a while
    Olivia :)

  5. 1: asking for help. Oh how i hate asking for help, cause i always feel like i dont deserve it, but i know that in the end its better to ask for help, than messing up :)

    2: eating on my own ( fighting my eating disorder ) - i find it so humiliating, that I'm 16 years old and need such massive support to eat!

    3: spanish! I can speak a little spanish already and have just fallen completely in love with the language :)

    4: dancing... Inside my head I'm a true dancing queen... But in real life i just look like a retard ;)
    ( advice i got the other day: if you cant dance, just spell your name in the air with your butt and you got the moves! )

    5: loosing control. I'm a complete control freak, and when i plan something to happen at say 12:30 but it happens at 12:35 instead i can get VERY anxious - mostly when its about my meals :(

  6. 1) Stopping anxiety and social anxiety
    2) Yoga and meditation
    3) Time management ;)
    4) Going to bed earlier
    5) Food choices