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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Day 2: 5 things you're good at.

Second day of my challenge, and im so glad that so many joined in yesterday and i even read a few blog posts which is super fun :)
   Even if its difficult to think about positive things about yourself, its a good thing to be able to do. To see the goodness and positives inside of yourself. Because its easier to see negative things in yourself and positive things in others... but now its all positivity!! Get rid of that negativity, because we are ALL GREAT just the way we are. And we are good at different things!!

So, 5 things im good at!

1) Running, working out, being strong..... Yup, i had to mention these, im sorry :)

2) Being nice/supportive of other people.

3) Baking/cooking food. Generally im quite lazy when it comes to cooking food and would gladly eat brinner and brunch most days a week, but when i try im actually quite good at both baking and cooking. Where ive got this from, im not so sure as neither my mum or dad are so great at cooking ;);)

4) Kindness/selflessness.... i would say im good at kindness (can you even be good at this?) but i feel that some people lack this skill completely and dont know how to be kind. But i would consider myself kind and selfless most days... i think others would agree, but then again somedays my needs come first and well, i wouldnt do anything for anyone because im too tired! haha

5) Being positive.... as much as possible i would say im good at being positive!

6) Im good at laughing at the wrong times.... someone could say they are in an economic crisis and that would be the moment i would think of a random funny memory and laugh. *yes, i know, awful*. But also in class im good at just laughing or smiling randomly because i think of things!

7) Im good at eating... i have to mention this! Because eating is one of my talents :) If you cant finish your portion? Yup, ill eat it. :)

Who knows i could find so many things im good at, but i know there are lots more, it just takes some thinking!!

So even if it takes you 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes or the whole day! Try to write down and/or comment atleast 5 things you are good at!!! :)


  1. 1) drawing and anything art related

    2) telling jokes to my bff

    3) being simple-doing everything without fuss

    4) explaining school related stuff to my bff the way she understands it

    5) making a good impression on teachers at my highschool

  2. Hmm okay my five things would be-
    1) protecting people who need more love or are shy
    2) encouraging peoples' dreams no matter how small or how big
    3) doing a task and not losing motivation
    4) being non judgmental of people and their decisions. I try the best I can and don't hold grudges or bring up peoples' past mistakes
    5) getting a good balance with my social life, school work and health.

    1. These are great :) And especially the 5th one!!

  3. 1) writing
    2) languages
    3) giving advice to other people, make them think more positive again when they are down
    4) cooking, baking & inventing new recipes
    5) think positive, at least I always try to be!

  4. Heeeeeeeeeey :)
    I today spontaneously decided to join in your weekly challenge, because I love the thought of sharing good thoughts and positivity all week *_* such an inspiring idea :)
    So I am now trying to do your challenge on my blog, too :) I already linked your blog on it, too :) mine (as you might already know) is called:
    would be so happy to get your opinion about it :)
    xxx Ange

    1. Ohh that is great :) I will read it now :) Im glad you decided to join in!

  5. Im good at...
    1: hair and makeup ( on other people )
    2:Writing - i love writing essays and novels and... Everything! And i always get really good response from the ones who read it.

    3: planning things and making structure.

    4: lying... I know, not the coolest thing to be good at, but i really am a good liar..

    5: giving back and foot massage :) ofcourse thats hard to tell myself, since i cant reach any of those body parts on myself, but i have often been told that i give really good massage..

    1. That is so great about being able to write essays and novels :) You can share your skill/greatness with me :) hahah I love writing, but not so much essays!
      I am the same with the massage, apparently i give really good massages, but i wouldnt really know!

    2. Well you can always ask me if you need some help with an essay! :)

  6. Mine are on my blog! :) : .
    I surprised myself in doing this, as I thought it would be really hard to come up with at least 5 things.. but by the time I was done I realised I could have written many more! :)

    I really enjoyed reading all of these - and it is really so nice to see how positive everyone is being today! This was such an awesome idea! <3 xxx

    1. You can always add more, the more positive and good things you see in yourself, the better :) Im going to read your post now!!
      And yeah, i love how many people are commenting :)

    2. Definitely Izzy :) aww thank you! And it really is brilliant and they are so fun and interesting to read! :) xxx

  7. 1) Languages and writing
    2) Dancing
    3) Blabbering
    4) Imagining being a social champion!
    5) Turning from that jacket-shielded, bun-headed, wannabe-distringuished woman into a bohem, vivid mental toddler that excites out of practically anything every once in a while.

    1. I want to have an addiotional, though: maths and/or learning in general!

    2. You can have as many as you want :) These are all great, and i must admit you are very good at languages and writing!

  8. 1) Cooking and baking
    2) Doing things that needs focus and being precise
    3) Good with interacting with people
    4) Entertaining and hosting
    5) Taking care of others

  9. Hmmmmmm
    I'm quite good at writing, like stories and stuff. I think I have quite a good imagination.
    I'm good at art (or so my teacher says anyway haha)
    I am good at playing guitar and music
    I'm good with animals? Does that count haha?
    And I think that I'm a good friend.

    Thank you for doing this challenge, I think it's really great to see so many people commenting and joining in, and it actually does just make me feel much more positive.

    Have a lovely day!! :))

  10. Hmmm...
    1) I make really goo pancakes (at least in my opinion ;))
    2) Im good at stretching my back. Sound weird but my back is very flexible! It feels so good to bend backward as much as I can. Though I haven't done that in a while but I want to stretch more :)
    3) Im really good at understanding what people are saying (most of the time). I can see other peoples perspectives often and if theres confusion between two people I am capable of explaining to both of them what the other one is saying :)
    4) I think I'm pretty good at traveling. Ive traveled to several places, a few times a year usually and am goo at the transportation part. I knew what foods are best to take, some useful hacks, helpful things to take with me etc.
    5) Im good at making food look good :) like you've said before sometimes when food looks extra delicious it even tastes better!
    6) I am good at helping people and supporting them. I try to help people with their problems and try to do so as best as I can :)

  11. 1) Making origami cranes
    2) Reading maps
    3) Quizzes
    4) Film studies
    5) Scrap-booking

    I love everyone's posts. it is so nice to see us being positive about ourselves and it makes me smile :)