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Monday, December 22, 2014

Cf clinic and getting into the Christmas spirit!!

Hello :):)

Time for a little evening update of my day :)
  It started with the CF clinic where everything went well... got weighed and ive gained weight. Nothing unexpected as i had already noticed it.. i.e im both stronger and i also have 'more protection' :) hahah. But this is only good!!! Ive written a post about this though coming up either this evening or tomorrow :)
  The doctor also thought that i might have asthma as well... as i have symptoms of it that have been showing for the past few months. So now i am going to begin with asthma medicine as well... and see if that helps. If im honest, i have high hopes and think it will help!! :) So hopefully now my running and workouts will go even better.... you might have read in the past few months ive been saying i have it harder to breathe and not knowing why... and this might be the reason why. So im hoping to see a difference in the next few weeks!

After that i headed to the gym - i had with me a pre and post workout snack!!! I had such a super workout!! All that rice pudding = so much energy. Its like a revalation.. each time i unconsciously increase my carb intake its like my workouts are 200% better!!!

Then i headed into town in search of a christmas outfit as pretty much none of my dresses fit me anymore... Yup... more muscles mean not wearing the same sized clothes anymore. I dont have a problem with this, its just annoying having to go clothes shopping as i would much rather avoid it. But i found a really nice dress... which i will show you on Christmas :):)

And then i came home super duper hungry. So it was a big lunch, home made bread followed by rice pudding with raisins and nuts. And that kept me full... infact too full!!! So when i began christmas baking i could barely try any of the food because i was too full....

But now my hunger is coming back - just in time for all the christmas goods to be done :):)

Ive made rocky road (so good!!!!), saffron buns, white chocolate ginger bread cheesecake (its sooooo good... but we're having it tomorrow for dessert i think, so i have to wait) and 'sugared almonds'.. nom nom nom. If you want the recope of anything jsut ask :)

(More pictures later!)


  1. Could you please post the recipes of...wel, I can't choose, everything looks so yummy ! So could you upload everything ? x)
    Thank you so much !!

  2. This all looks so good, I would love the recipe for the cheesecake :)

    1. The recipe will come up today or tomorrow :)

  3. what's rocky road ?:)

    1. Its melted chocolate with marshmallows and nuts :)

  4. Could you maybe do a post on carbs and low-carbs etc. I see so much advice saying that everyone should eat low-carb but like you mentioned, when I have a few days of eating lots of carbs I have much more energy to do exercise and just in general. I don't understand why people recommend diets of like 60g carbs a day. I've just decided to listen to what my body wants but it still bugs me that there is so much advice saying don't eat carbs.

    1. Its an old myth that carbs make you gain weight... when you eat carbs your body does retain more water so if you eat less carbs your body will let go of the water. But you will also feel more tired, not have alot of energy etc and instead of eating carbs a person has to eat alot of fats which isnt healthy for the heart either.
      Everyone has different opinions but i dont think eating low carb is a good idea.... i have so much more energy and feel so much more happier whe i eat more carbs :) So the important thing is to know what YOU want and what works fr you and not care what others say. Because there will come people and tell you that what you are doing is wrong or that you shoudltn eat white bread or shouldnt eat red meat or shouldnt eat this etc but in the end you have to know what YOU want and whats best for you! :)
      Ill try write a post about this but i cant promise anythign :)