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Friday, December 26, 2014

Boxing day sales

Hello :)

How is everyone doing after Christmas? For most people Christmas celebrations go all the way to New years and then you celebrate New years and then its like you need to wait another few months before you celebrate anything again. Hahah, everything at once!

Hopefully you have all survived though and realised that Christmas and food wasnt so bad? Nothing to be scared or worried about. And just a little Realistic point. Unless you ate c.a 5500-6000kcal in ONE DAY, you wont have gained 0,5kg in a day! Its all just water, so dont panic about that. I mean i ate alot and like 100-200g chocolate per day as well as everything else and i dont think i ate that much in a day!! :) So stay calm!!!

And if you're bloating... so am i :) Take a deep breath and know, LIFE GOES ON!

Today i decided to check out the sales. I didnt have much to spend but i got a voucher for a sports shop from my sister so i thought i would use it! And i also have a 20% off the whole purchase so in total for 2 sports jackets, 2 compression socks and a sports bra i spent roughly 20 euro (200kr)!! Yup, definitely a good purchase!

I also saw that tomorrow there is this long run (60km) around Stockholm, though its just a fun thing and you can stop running whenever... so if you just want to run 10km thats ok or if you want to run 20 or 30 etc and there are pauses along the way for toilet breaks or to refill with water or food. And there are 2 girls (sisters)  i know who are running and it seems SOOO much fun. I mean i can think that i would manage around 20-25km (i can always run further when its a group and im motivated by others). And now with my new sports clothes i am 150% excited for it(also its free). Though its also my mums birthday tomorrow.... she says if i want to run i can, though after c.a 25km which i think is my max running distance, then i would have to take public transport home which might not be so fun. :/
  So i am very undecided, also as i want to spend time and the morning with my mum. I dont know what to do..... -_- I am pretty sure i will decide at like 11pm tonight! hahaha.

I hate this undecisiveness!!!

Anyway, i have just cleaned my room as it looked like a bomb had hit it... i dont know how my room can get so messy so quickly? It feels like i cleaned my room just a few days ago? How do i manage to drag almost every item have onto the floor?

Anyway, this was just a little update :) I hope you are all doing ok!! Stay strong, whatever you are going through, you can get through it i promise!!!

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