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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Being introverted

Dear Izzy, I would like to ask you a question. When I read your blog you seem to have accepted both your body and your personality. You once wrote than you were kind of introverted and sometimes shy. Well, I'm like that as well, but I dislike my personality. It's the reason why I feel disconnected from my family, why I don't have friends I can share problems with... because I'm always so withdrawn and I don't dare to open my mouth. What's bothering me the most is that people will never say "Oh, Sophie, she's such a pleasant girl. I love spending time with her.", because how can you have fun and a good time with someone who doesn't talk or has difficulty with connecting to others. Could you name a few positive aspects of being introverted, there must be some,right? Thank you very muc

   I am sorry that you feel this way, and feel so disconnected from friends and family. It really doesnt have to be that way, even if it feels like it.
  When you are introvert you can often be percieved as shy and/or rude... when infact you may be neither, its just that you need your own personal space.

I am an introvert though this is something i have only realised in the past while because before i always thought something was wrong with me. Im friendly and if you talk to me, i think that i am really nice and can keep up a conversation. However, im not the first person to go up and talk to someone. I just wait for people to come talk to me.... which is something i do dislike about myself as i feel i wish i had the courage to go up and just talk to people, not sit in the corner and hope that the person will notice me.
  But also i need my own personal space. I feel that if i am too long with people or a large group its like my energy becomes drained, instead of being filled with energy. In the first few hours i am fine and love spending time with my friends but if its like 8-12 full hours i start feeling almost a little calustrophobic and can almost become rude because i just need my own space.
  My family and sisters have experienced this when we are on holiday or when we are spending lots of time together, if it starts getting too long i can start getting really angry and irritated for no reason, but i just feel i need to go sit somewhere and be on my own. And once ive done that, even for just 20 minutes when i can be on my own i feel so much better. Its strange, but this is something i am aware of now and so is my family... so say on Christmas day when we've spent the whole day together then they dont mind if i just go sit somewhere and take a break from people while the others play games or something.

Benig an introvert isnt something you should feel bad for,

You shouldnt feel down about your personality either. Instead you should try to accept it... because personality is who you are... though that doesnt mean you cant change it, but when you try to change your personality it can become very fake which is never a good thing.

Positives of being introverts:

You get time to think and be for yourself.
You may more easily accept and love yourself compared to extroverts as they are so focused on others that they never really take time for themselves.
You might not feel as drained of energy.
You can read alot of books, watch a lot of films and series etc

THe important thing is to not compare yourself or your life to extroverts. My sister is an extrovert, she gets energy by being with people and infact she hates being alone. She always wants us to watch series together or watch films or just be in the same room.... but for me, i prefer to be on my own, do things on my own etc
  So in that way my sister and I are very different. She goes to parties, is always with friends, can spend a whole day in school then work and then out with friends, whereas i feel a little panicked just thinking about it. And its not that im rude, its just that i need my own time.
I at times wish i was like my sister and had her life - infact that was my reason to recover, i wanted to be like my sister and have a life similar to her.... she seems so happy and has friends, had a boyfriend, goes on dates etc though i then realised we may be sisters but are different in personality. And when i have talked with my sister she says that she can at times feel very drained of energy and feel tired as she spends so much time out of the house and focusing on others that she can neglect herself or her mental health. So in that sense being an introvert may be better as you can focus on resting, hopefully helping your mental care etc

Though there are both positives and negatives of being an introvert or extrovert. The important thing is to be happy with yourself... dont try to change for others. Though if you feel thast YOU want to change, then give it a try... though dont lose yourself and focus on being someone else. But making positive changes is never a bad thing.

It may feel like you dont like yourself or like no one cares or like you cant break out of your shell. But you can.... it means stepping out of your comfort zone, but it can be done. Think about the changes you want to make... try to talk more to friends, let people in. Be friendly, maybe start a new hobby or group with something you are interested in... its easier to make friends when you have something in common :) It can be hard to make friends at school, i have infact struggled with this because i can seem shy. But you have to find a way to work around the things that may stop you or hold you back.

^^To you who asked the question, i think this quote may really help you... that instead of waiting for others to come to you. TRY to go to others. I know it may not easy and it may feel wrong, but the chances are if you distance yourself from people or make it clear that you dont want others to ask you questions or how you are feeling, then they wont.
    People - not even my family ask how i feel because i have sort of made it clear that i dont want to be asked that because there is a 110% chance that i wont answer it. Not because i dont want to, but because it feels wrong. Like im burduning someone else. Though thats why i write in a journal or blog, because its a way for me to express myself without feeling like im putting all my problems on someone else or complaining.


  1. I'd like to see this interesting topic even wider. Actually, I believe that being introvert or extrovert is more about how you process your thought and feelings. An extrovert externalizes this process outside his head, he maybe likes to share it with others or might talk aloud to himself - but does still not always enjoy of being with others (I'm like that). An introvert does it inside his mind and that is why he sometimes is seen as shy or "not social". In certain cultures extroversion is more acceptable which gives the introverts an idea that they are somewhat divergent.

    That is my explanation, though :)

  2. you should watch a really good tedx talk on youtuube called "the power of introversion" by susan cain