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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Answer - Victoria Secret Models

What is your opinion on the VS Angels? My mom says they have the perfect body and thats what i should be like when I gain weight. But half of them actually have underweight BMI and do tons of exercise + eat very little. Ever since my mom made that comment I just feel bad.

First off i think the comment that your mum made was not right and was 'out of line'. Telling someone that they should look a certain way or pointing out one body type as the perfect body type is wrong. I dont know why your mum made that comment, but try to not let it bother you. You will look great after you have gained weight, will you look like a VS model? Who knows... but that shouldnt be the body type you are aiming for anyway. The only body type you should aim for is a healthy one for you. It might help if you talk to your mum... tell her that that comment bothered you. Maybe ask her to explain herself and what she meant with the comment. This is something i have started doing with my family... or all of us in the family have begun doing it. If someone says or comments something and it bothers us... then we bring it up instead of just going around thinking about it and feeling bad.

I dont like shaming other peoples bodies or saying one type is better than the other or even accusing someone of being sick or underweight. I dont have proof of it and its not my job either. Many of the models however are very skinny... some look more naturally skinny whilst others look a little bit more unnaturally skinny. 
  Last year i think their workout/diet plan before a run way show came out and it was pretty much a starvation diet combined with lots of exercise. So basically... an unhealthy way to eat, unhealthy way to exercise and unhealthy body if thats what you put it through.
  Most of the models dont look the same way in real life... of course the models who are choosen they are like the 0,0001% of the population. They look unique and different and yes, they are choosen because they are skinny and tall. Its a well known fact, its not just a randomer who is choosen.  Runway models are tall and skinny...w hich i think is wrong, because well the people were the clothes/underwear  arent going to look like the models, so why not have normal sized models.
 But lets not forget about the photoshop done on models in magazines. 

Look at THIS video

Lets not forget also that if unhealthy methods such as starvation, over exercise, not drinking water etc are used to obtain a certain body size or weight, then its not a healthy body.

Dont compare yourself to anyone and especially not VS models. You need to focus on reaching a healthy weight, getting healthy habits and a healthy mind. Not trying to look like someone else.

Many people think that the VS model body is the perfect body, but there is no such thing as a perfect body... and people forget that some models use unhealthy behaviours to look the way they do, making them unhealthy and have an unhealthy body.

*I was going to post a picture of VS models.. but then i thought that might be triggering and thought these pictures would be much better!*


  1. Hi Izzy and all readers :)
    Izzy made a very good point in this post. If unhealthy methods need to be used to maintain a body type it´s not a healthy body. Also as ed struggling people know, under eating and starvation really becomes an obsession and starts to control your life.
    One point I wanted to add. For VS models being this size and shape is a full time job that they are paid to do. It´s not like they are surgeons or engineers on the side. What I mean is that working out and maintaining ´beauty´ is their occupation.
    Aim for health!