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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Yesterday evening

Hello :)
I had planned to post more yesterday evening but i was just so tired that once i came home from the fair i just lay in bed and thats pretty much where i stayed apart from when i went to make dinner - which was quorn burgers, noodles, broccolli & cottage cheese and then i broght the 2 bags of chocolate/yoghurt covered nuts into my room and lay and ate some of those while watching a series. By 7.30pm after dinner i was so tired so ended up falling asleep by around 8pm but then i woke up at 10.30pm and my stomach was rumbling. I had to eat something or i wouldnt be able to fall asleep again.... i'm someone who needs to eat something close to bed time otherwise i wake up hungry.... like yesterday. So i went up, made myself some quark & lots of nuts and the last of the pancakes. Ate that and then went to bed again!!! hahaha.

I got almost 11 hours sleep last night which was much needed - the past week has definitely drained me of energy. But now im go-go-go again :)

And remember - if you are hungry eat... if you ever feel hungry during the middle of the night or before bed - go up and eat. Its not going to harm you or make you gain weight. Personally i am someone who definitely cant sleep if i havent eaten something otherwise my stomach just rumbles and all i can think about is food.

^^There was a mix up when my step dad went to buy chocolate. I had asked him for chocolate and also 'trail mix' (or what to call it) but he had gotten mixed up and thought i meant  trail mix without chocolate. So he came back with the white ones... which i was fine with .They arent my favourite, but i was still happy. I mean, white chocolate covered nuts is still delicious. But he felt bad that he had gotten it wrong so he went to get a bag with just chocolate covered nuts/candy. hahaha. He is so sweet!! I hadnt even complained that he had just gotten the white ones .- i was super thankful. :)

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  1. I completely understand. Lately I've had so much schoolwork, so many things I have to do, so much going on in my head. I physically sometimes didn't have time to do the things I want to do or usually do. Some days I have more free time than others but these past few days have been so full of studying. And when it comes to studying I tend to try to do my best and be very thorough. That results in several hours of studying. But I guess if I want to catch up and do well it is necessary (just need to fuel up with something delicious;)) But now it's the weekend and I also have Monday and Tuesday off so time to do everything I wasn't able to do for the past few weeks which definitely involves relaxing among other things :) I'm just so happy I'm the one planning my day and I don't have to follow some stupid schedule (sorry)
    And don't worry about not posting yesterday night. You already do so much :)
    That's so sweet of your dad to do. Little things like that make life so worth it !