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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

When life weighs you down

Today has been a day where nothing has been able to cheer me up. Ive just felt this constant tiredness and heaviness in my body. This overwhelming sadness - and for no apparent reason.
   Or i mean... i know why, but there is nothing i can do about it.

Not even my friends in school could help make me feel better, it was just a fake smile. Not even a workout... infact usually workouts help when i feel stressed or have anxiety. But today my workout wasnt more than 30 minutes because i just felt heavy and tired... trying to walk or even run on the treadmill wasnt what i wanted to do and when you are already feeling tired and weighed down lifting weights doesnt help either. For those 30 minutes i really didnt do much c.a 2 minutes warm up, 8 minutes HIIT and then did a few of my favourite exercises and then that was that. I was too tired and unmotivated for more.... And the 30 minutes which i did do, i ENJOYED. I  wanted to workout, but basically my strength wasnt there.. my energy wasnt there despite eating properly.

In school i had numerous times when i felt like i just wanted to pack my bag and go home, skip my classes and school for a few days. But that wont solve my problems or my feelings either.
  Instead its just to get through these next 2 weeks. And once again im going to remind everyone - Dont expect any answers via email as that really isnt a priority of mine at the moment. Right now im just focusing on school and taking care of myself. An important Motto for me, is that i cant help others if i cant help myself. So my own mental and physical health comes first before i give advice or try to help others.
   With everything going on in my life right now and being very affected by the change in weather (i.e S.A.D) my mental state is quite fragile at the moment.

When i came home from school i made myself a delicous snack, though not even that could cheer me up :( Infact it felt like i just had to force it into me due to no hunger. But im going to skip writing and thinking so negative instead, a shower, my pyjamas, tea and my bed awaits me :) Tomorrow its a super early morning.

^^I didnt eat all the nuts :)


  1. Hi Izzy!
    Take care of yourself and try to find a stress relief, so that you don´t feel so heavy.
    Feel better and energized soon!

    -startingtofightfitlife (IG)

  2. Izzy:( I'm sorry to hear you're feeling this way, you don't deserve it in the slightest. Focus on getting yourself back to health, and don't worry yourself with the blog too much. Sure, we like having posts, but your health is the most important thing right now, and i'd much rather you take care of yourself. Try to find something that relaxes you, and remember: this is only a small part of your life, how you're feeling now, and it will get better.
    sending you lots of encouragement!
    -Rose x

  3. :( aww Izzy I am really sad and sorry to read this :( and I agree with Rose, you need to put yourself and your health first and foremost. We will still be here for you if you want to give blogging a rest for a while! Be as kind to yourself as possible in this difficult time. Eat all the foods you love, keep warm, don't push yourself too hard, let your loved ones know how you are feeling so they can give you their maximum support.
    Lots of love, hope you feel better soon <3 xxx

  4. Be the selfish one at the moment petal. We aren't going anywhere, so just look after yourself. Sending good vibes your way :)